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The College of Arts and Sciences is a diverse community of exceptional scholars working together toward the common goal of excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, both for its own sake and in service to society.

The College is the University’s largest academic unit and provides the liberal arts foundation for a UAlbany education. In our programs, students explore big ideas and timely, important problems; unleash their creativity and develop their aesthetic sensibility; investigate and analyze the natural world; and develop the flexible intellect required to be engaged local and global citizens.

Featured News

  • Chemistry

    Marisia Fikiet, a PhD student from Prof. Lednev laboratory, Department of Chemistry received the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Gold Poster Award for Outstanding Spectroscopic Research by a Student Member at the Scientific Exchange Conference (SciX 2018) in Atlanta GA. This is the major annual spectroscopy conference in the US, which brought together over 1300 participants this year.


    Career Development Prestigious Award Recipient: Dr. Julia Jennings

    Dr. Julia Jennings has been awarded a prestigious Mentored Research Scientist Career Development Award (K01) by the National Institute on Aging (NIH). Her project, Kin Networks and Old-Age Survival During the Demographic Transition, examines the role of kinship ties in the wellbeing of older adults. Family members are important sources of social and instrumental support for aging adults. Elders with strong kin networks experience better health and survival, but as populations age and fertility declines, these networks become sparser. The project investigates the effects of kin networks and economic resources on adult mortality in historical and contemporary aging populations using data from Orkney, Scotland, the Scottish Longitudinal Study, and the Healthy Aging in Scotland (HAGIS) Study. By comparing modern and historical data from the same country, she will examine multiple measures of kin support and health and how they change over historical time and throughout individual lives. Orkney experienced early population aging and decline and Scotland has a history of poorer health outcomes than the rest of the United Kingdom, which will allow for insight into the long-term process of population aging and the development of aging disparities. The findings of this study may inform future research and policy, especially in contexts where kin are the primary source of support for elders. Her project mentors are Drs. Merril Silverstein (Syracuse University), Benjamin Shaw (University at Albany), Karl Rethemeyer (University at Albany), and Ken Smith (University of Utah).


    Partners in Programming

    What began as a way for a psychology professor’s students to conduct child-development research in a real-world setting has turned into an award-winning partnership, with both UAlbany students and children in Schenectady reaping the benefits. Read more

2017-18 Compendium

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Women in Science and Health (WISH) Seek to Improve the Environment for Women in STEM fields

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields have long been dominated by men, but fortunately that is changing. The number of women choosing STEM careers is increasing. However, the support needed to continue and strengthen this trend is still lacking.

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