CTG UAlbany Deploys AI to Assist Local Governments

By Michael Parker

ALBANY, N.Y. (April 18, 2024) —UAlbany's Center for Technology in Government is deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to aid the city of Schenectady monitor the use of city assets. 

UAlbany student Michelle Leon Vasquez at Schenectady City Hall.
UAlbany senior mathematics major Michelle Leon Vasquez (Photo by Patrick Dodson)

CTG UAlbany’s system, the Community Asset Tracker, uses a mobile Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network on government vehicles and AI to provide near real-time identification and notification of safety or other significant issues with government-owned infrastructure and properties around the community.

For Schenectady, that means helping identify sidewalks that need snow clearing or alerting the code-enforcement department when vacant buildings have been damaged by vandalism or storms, so they can take care of repairs.

The project also offers students Michelle Leon Vasquez, Tyler Jardine and Kelvin Cai the chance to see how CTG UAlbany works side-by-side with city employees to power public sector digital transformation.

Leon Vasquez, a senior mathematics major, will present her work from the project at UAlbany Showcase on April 30.