Anthoine Vérard

Parisian publisher (1485-c.1513)

This website is intended to supplement the two international databases of incunables, the ISTC (Incunabula Short Title Catalogue) and the GW (Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke), as well as sources for 16th-century Parisian editions, the BP16 (Renouard-Moreau) and the USTC (Universal Short Title Catalogue), with details about individual copies of Vérard’s editions and especially about the illustrations contained therein. For now, the site focuses on the Books of Hours produced by Vérard, but eventually it will include all known Vérard editions and manuscripts.

The Books of Hours are listed here in chronological order, irrespective of the liturgical diocese. Each edition is numbered, the sigla Ho- being used to distinguish this list from those presented earlier by Mary Beth Winn (1997) and by Louis-Gabriel Bonicoli (2015).  Our list of references for each edition includes links to the ISTC, GW, BP16, and USTC, and in order to avoid unnecessary repetition, older references that are cited there are not included in our own list unless they offer particular details or require clarification.  The one exception is reference to Macfarlane whose catalogue of Verard’s editions (1900) served as the basis for all subsequent work on the libraire.

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