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Spanish BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |

Spanish BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |
Spanish BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |
Spanish BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |
Spanish BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |
Spanish BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |

Spanish PhD

Spanish PhD
Spanish PhD
Spanish PhD

Use the Major Plan Change Form to declare your major or concentration.

LLC Minors

Use the Minor Plan Change Form to declare or update your minor.

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A minimum of 18 graduation credits from coursework with an A FRE prefix above A FRE 101 including A FRE 341Z. No more than 3 credits of courses conducted in English may be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor. Students interested in declaring a French Studies minor are encouraged to meet with the coordinator of advisement for French Studies.
French Program VideoFrench Brochure.


A minimum of 18 graduation credits from coursework with an A ITA prefix above A ITA 100, including A ITA 206, 207, 301Z.
More information.


A minimum of 18 graduation credits from coursework with an A POR prefix. Courses cover learning the language and culture of the Portuguese-speaking world, Brazilian popular culture and Portuguese linguistics. There are also events throughout the semester, such as Brazilian music performances, Capoeira Club, Brazilian Student Association (BSA), Game Night, Movie Night, and others, which give students the opportunity to learn in meaningful contexts.
Portuguese Program Video.


A minimum of 18 graduation credits in courses with A RUS prefix as advised with at least 9 credits in coursework at the 300 level or above and/or in courses requiring at least one prerequisite course. Courses with direct relevance to Russian studies completed in Study Abroad programs and in History, Political Science, and other Arts and Sciences departments may be approved by the director of the Russian minor.
Russian Program VideoRussian brochure.


A minimum of 18 graduation credits from coursework with an A SPN prefix above A SPN 200, including A SPN 303 (formerly A SPN 496), A SPN 310 (formerly A SPN 223), and one A SPN 300 level elective.
Spanish Program video. More information.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for details.


In addition, coursework is offered in Arabic, German and Latin.


Student-Initiated Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors

Interdisciplinary majors and minors for languages without formal majors and minors listed in the bulletin may be crafted to meet individual students’ needs. Students should contact a faculty in the language program of interest for details. More information can be found on the bottom of the Undergraduate Education Interdisciplinary Studies page.

  1. A minimum of 36 credits for majors or 18 credits for minors
  2. At least one course outside the language of interest (should be supplemental to the major/minor language coursework)
  3. Two faculty sponsors for the major (one in the language program and one in another department in which the student is taking coursework for that degree) or one language faculty sponsor for the minor
  4. A written proposal from the student with a proposed schedule of classes to be taken to complete the degree. Visit the registrar's schedule of classes for courses currently being offered, and the Undergraduate Bulletin for courses available in the College of Arts and Sciences at the university. Note: not all courses are offered every semester. Check with the departments about upcoming courses.
  5. A rationale from the student about why a separate student-initiated interdisciplinary degree is needed and why the courses outlined by the student were chosen
  6. The student should meet with the sponsor to discuss and finalize the proposal
  7. The completed proposal must be submitted to Undergraduate Studies in LC30 to be reviewed and approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

The PhD Foreign Language Translation Exam

Check out our Student Resources page for more information about the exam.