How to Register





  • Do not mail enrollment forms. Please send all enrollment forms via e-mail (
  • Contact prior to the final deadline if you are experiencing difficulty.
  • If you do not have a scanner, printer or you are unable to provide a handwritten signature on a form, please click here for tips on how to sign/scan your form using any device.



If you intend to enroll in a University in the High School course you must submit an online Application as well as Payment for all UHS courses according to the schedule below.

Once the Application and Payment process has been successfully completed, the student’s Albany ID number, ID card, and Enrollment Form will be sent via e-mail within the next ten business days to the address provided in the application.  Students will be required to complete the Enrollment Form and return it to the UHS Office by the respective date on the Registration and Enrollment Schedule, as indicated below.  In order to complete the registration process, the enrollment form must be returned to the UHS Office for enrollment.  ONLY ONE COURSE should be purchased with each visit to the new University in the High School Application & Payment Center. 

Once a completed enrollment form is submitted to the UHS Office with appropriate signatures, the student is considered registered for the course. (Each Enrollment Form [for each course] should be returned to the University in the High School Program Office, as indicated on the Enrollment Form.) 

In addition, incomplete enrollment forms (e.g., missing signature, sophomore materials, etc.) will be subject to an Incomplete Enrollment Fee or subsequently not accepted.  Replacement enrollment forms can be generated by returning to the online application and submitting a payment of $25 for a replacement enrollment form fee.  It is strongly recommended that students keep the e-mail confirmation in case they misplace the original enrollment form.

It is very important that you accurately complete all required fields on the online application and payment system. The information you type in these fields will become a permanent part of your academic record at the University at Albany. Be sure to type accurately. The information you provide will be listed on your certificate of completion, official transcript, ID card, etc. Please be sure to type your full legal name and refrain from using any nicknames. Please also avoid using abbreviations. For example spell out “Street”, instead of “St.”

Personal student information is treated confidentially and consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the NYS Cyber Security Policy P03-002: Information Security Policy. Additionally, the online Application and Payment Center is located on a secure server.

Your teacher will give you information pertaining to the course you should select. You cannot complete the application without the required information (e.g. High School Code [CEEB] and class section number).

When you have completely finished the online Application and Payment process, please review your order before you select “Submit Your Order.” ONLY students who are eligible for or who participate in the Federal Reduced/Free Lunch Program should enter the relevant “promotional code,” then click the “Apply” button. (Before applying and paying online, a “promotional code” will be provided to teachers for those students who are eligible or who participate in the Federal Reduced/Free Lunch Program. Once they submit their code and receive their enrollment forms, students who qualify for the Federal Reduced/Free Lunch Program must have the bottom of their enrollment forms signed by their Principal or School Counselor verifying that they are eligible for a reduction in the Program Fee. The promotional code that is supplied by the teacher can only be used by applicable students with appropriate signature.)

Once you click the “Submit Your Order” button, you will see a summary of the information that you entered into the online application and payment system. You will receive an order summary as well as an order confirmation e-mail. It is very important that you print the order summary/confirmation e-mail and keep it for your records. This is your proof/receipt of when you successfully completed the online application and payment process. Please be sure the printer you are using is operable before you begin the online application and payment process.

Once you have successfully printed a copy of your order summary/confirmation e-mail, please close your browser.

Once enrolled, please note that a grade will be recorded and the student will have a permanent transcript on file. At this point, no refunds will be issued for students who wish to withdraw. Since registration is voluntary it is not required that all students in a class register through the UHS Program for University credit.

IMPORTANT: The Enrollment Form, which will be e-mailed to you, MUST BE RETURNED. If the enrollment form is not returned, you will not be enrolled for UHS credit.

NEW REFUND POLICY (Beginning Summer 2020):
There is no longer a late fee period. Instead, there will be a two-week “Grace Period” to allow students to cancel an application, if necessary. Students must cancel their application within two weeks of their application date to get a full refund. If a student chooses to cancel their application after the two-week period or doesn’t return their Enrollment Form, they will receive a 50% refund.

** 2020-2021 Registration & Enrollment Schedule **

Session  Application & Payment Dates  Return signed Enrollment Form to the UHS Office for Enrollment as soon as possible, but no later than: 
 Summer  6/1/20 - 7/17/20  8/17/20
 Fall  9/9/20 - 10/23/20  11/24/20
 Full Year  9/9/20 - 10/23/20 11/24/20
 Spring 2/1/21 - 3/19/21 4/19/21



The University in the High School Application & Payment Center is now closed.