Corporate Partners

Banking Services - SEFCU Campus Center Branch: 518-453-2560
Campus Center, Room CC111
Leo Palmer Branch Manager
UAlbany Dining Services: 518-442-5985
Campus Center, Room B34
Tim MacTurk District Manager
Kathy Stramiello Office Manager
Jim Meagher General Manager, Residential Quads
Joe Salvione Director of Retail Operations
Donna Duffy, RD Dietitian
Mackenzie Edel Unit Marketing Coordinator
Gerald Oriol Executive Chef, Residential
Denis Gagne Executive Chef, Campus Center & Retail
Helene Coye Director of Catering
Stephanie DiBacco Director of Engagement
Willie Mae
Chapple Michaels
Cash Manager
Debbie Dynsiuk Human Resources Manager
Lisa Williams Controller
John Thivierage Manager, Alumni Quad Dining, 518-442-5980
Elaine Reynolds Manager, Indian Quad Dining, 518-442-5984
Bethany Tolbert Manager, Colonial Quad Dining, 518-442-5979
Laura Jones Manager, Dutch Quad Dining, 518-442-5978
Ryan Dahlstrom Manager, State Quad Dining, 518-442-5990
The University Bookstore: 518-442-5690
Campus Center, Lower Level
Heather White Manager
Dustin Henderson Textbook Manager
Sue Derocco Assistant Manager
Helen Young Finance Manager
Laundry Services: 1-800-MAC-GRAY (1-800-622-4729)
Mac-Gray Laundry Services
John Seltzer Campus Representative, 518-250-7109