Early Semester Surveys

Collect Student Feedback for Your Course

Viewed from over a student's shoulder, two hands write in a notebook with a pen. The student is wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt.

CATLOE’s early semester survey service is designed to help instructors learn about students’ experience in an ongoing course and make adjustments in response to student concerns. Early Semester Surveys are available through CATLOE until the midterm of each semester, or up to week four of an 8-Week Course.

Because it is past the midterm, we are no longer accepting requests for Early Semester Surveys for semester-length Spring 2024 courses. If you would like to request  surveys for an 8 Week 2 course, please email Nyssa Knarvik at [email protected]. She will follow up with you to get the information needed to prepare your surveys.

How the Service Works

When this service is open, you can submit a survey request for one of the following:

  • Paper surveys for courses with an in-person component
    We will prepare paper surveys for you to distribute to students in class and have them sent to you or arrange for pick up from our office. You will then return the completed surveys to us for processing.  
  • Surveys for fully online courses
    We will prepare web-based surveys and share a link that you can distribute to students in your class.
  • Online surveys  for courses with an in-person component
    We will share a survey link and resources to guide you through the process of administering surveys during class time. 

After we have received completed surveys, we will compile and process the data and email you a report within one week. All survey data are confidential and CATLOE consultants are available to review the results with instructors upon request.

Sample Surveys

We have several different survey options to help you gather relevant and useful data for your unique teaching situation. Click on a survey type to preview a sample.