Consultation and Personalized Support

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A woman in a black shirt, a black patterned blazer and her hair pulled back sits at a table and speaks with a man in a suit, gray hair and glasses.

CATLOE’s instructional consultants are here to support your development as an effective teacher and academic professional. 

Consultations are highly individualized and start with your goals, questions and concerns. In addition to one-on-one meetings, our consultants are available to observe in-person or online classes and offer feedback to support teaching development and improvement. All conversations with CATLOE staff are completely confidential.

Our consultants use current research to help you: 

  • Design courses, assessments/assignments, and learning activities
  • Respond to challenging or confusing student behavior
  • Support diverse learners through inclusive teaching practices
  • Use Brightspace and other educational technologies effectively to support student learning
  • Prepare for the academic job market (graduate students)
  • Develop your teaching and academic career in the ways that are most important to you 

Request a personalized consultation