Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Faculty, staff, students and the community of the University at Albany are encouraged to foster an atmosphere of academic freedom by promoting the open and timely exchange of scholarly knowledge independent of personal interests and are required to avoid conflicts of interest. The University at Albany (UAlbany) is committed to promoting objectivity in research and to maintaining high ethical standards to ensure that the design, conduct, and reporting of research is not biased by the financial interests or outside obligations of individuals acting on behalf of UAlbany.

The institution’s concern with conflict of interest and conflict of commitment reflect the ever-increasing complexity of our society, our various relations with each other and with outside institutions, along with the heightened national and governmental sensitivity to these issues. Investigators may not have any interest or engage in any outside activity which results in unmanaged or unmitigated conflicts of interest. Therefore, each investigator must disclose his/her significant financial interests and any non-university significant obligations, both foreign and domestic, including those of his/her immediate family members.

The responsibilities and obligations of investigators to the university must be clearly separated from their personal financial interests and obligations, both foreign and domestic. Where potential or actual conflicts exist, faculty and staff are expected to consult with appropriate University offices and abide by the applicable university processes.

A disclosure requirement applies to University and Research Foundation employees and students who receive or apply for external funds. The “Annual Certification” must be filed upon initial application for external funding, whenever the discloser’s significant financial interests or outside obligations change materially, or at least annually. Compliance with this disclosure requirement is a prerequisite to the submission and acceptance by the Research Foundation of any research grant or contract.

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Additional Information and Guidance
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