Close-out an Award

If all anticipated funding has been received on your award and loaded to Oracle, and if you have not requested a “no cost extension” of your award, you will receive a notice from Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) approximately sixty (60) days prior to the termination date, that your award is terminating. You will be asked to review all expenditures and encumbrances made to your award, to ensure that all expenses and encumbrances have been made to the correct sponsored award, including but not limited to payroll expenses, equipment, travel, supplies, publication costs, tuition, and recharges. With regard to encumbrances, these should be reviewed and if the items that were ordered have been received but not paid for, please be sure that the AP-102 authorization to pay the invoice has been sent to the State Accounting Office. 

In many instances, the release of the final payment is tied to the submission of the final technical/progress report on your project. If this is the case, you will need to advise the person responsible for invoicing the sponsor and for submitting financial reports on your award when you’ve submitted your final report. Once the final payment has been received from the sponsor, the award will be closed in Oracle. If you have questions related to the close-out of your award, please contact your Grant Administrator in SPA.