All sponsored research contracts/agreements are negotiated and executed by the Research Foundation on behalf of the University at Albany. Delegates from the Division for Research and Economic Development are delegated the authority to sign on behalf of the Research Foundation (RF). 

Staff members from the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) coordinate negotiations with internal and external stakeholders and sponsors. They are trained to review terms and conditions for compliance with RF, University and sponsor policies and procedures.  

Throughout the negotiation process, SPA staff keep the Principal Investigator (PI) updated, via email, on the progress of the negotiations with the sponsoring or sponsored entity. Staff will also contact the PI for additional information and/or for confirmation of their ability to comply with project-specific contract/agreement requirements, as needed. At the end of the process, the PI will receive a copy of the fully executed contract/agreement.

Before SPA can sign any research agreement, the PI must resolve all compliance concerns, such as obtaining approvals from the IRB and IACUC and having a complete annual conflict of interest disclosure on file. 

Note: Only authorized individuals may negotiate or sign contracts/agreements on behalf of the RF or the University. 

If you have requests or concerns regarding an contract/agreement, please email [email protected].