Compliance Obligations

Research conducted at the University at Albany is subject to a wide range of federal and state policies established to ensure ethical conduct in research.

Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and training compliance is a pivotal part of conducting any research. The regulatory environment has changed considerably over the past few years and it is imperative that investigators be familiar with applicable Federal, State and local regulations and guidelines.

To assure that all appropriate federal, state, local and institutional regulations have been fulfilled, the following “pre-award” approvals must be obtained by university researchers.

Please consult the following offices for specific guidance and information:

Office of Regulatory and Research Compliance

Contact Information:
Adrienne D. Bonilla, Esq.
Research Compliance Officer

Assistant Vice President for Research
Office of Regulatory and Research Compliance
Office: (518) 437-3850
Fax: (518) 437-3855

Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Contact Information:
Lisa-Anne Donohue
Office of Environmental Health & Safety

University at Albany
Office: (518) 442-3495
Fax: (518) 442-3783