Enrollment Verification

UAlbany students can verify their enrollment online. Review this page for detailed instructions. 

Note: Employers, background screening firms and other third-party entities should visit our Services for Third-party Entities page. 

Enrollment Verification 

An enrollment verification — sometimes referred to as proof of enrollment — is documentation that shows a student is enrolled at UAlbany.  

Students most often request enrollment verification certificates for health insurance, housing, employment and scholarship purposes, among others. 

The enrollment verification certificate shows which semester(s) the student is enrolled, whether they are enrolled as a full-time or part-time student and their anticipated graduation date. 

Obtain an Enrollment Verification Certificate

Current students can obtain an enrollment verification certificate for any semester or term in which they registered for classes. 

UAlbany contracts with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide free enrollment verification for our students.  

To obtain a certificate, use your UAlbany NetID and password to sign into the National Student Clearinghouse portal. Select one of these three options, then click “Obtain an enrollment certificate”: 

  • Current enrollment: This certificate shows your enrollment for the current semester or term. It’s available from the third day of classes to the last day of classes. 

  • All enrollment: This certificate shows your enrollment during all previous and current semesters. 

  • Advanced registration: This certificate shows your enrollment for the upcoming fall or spring semester. 

The certificate you download is your official University at Albany enrollment verification. The electronic watermark of a tree acts as the official seal, authenticating the document. 

Enrollment verifications are available before the start of each semester or term:

  • Fall Semester: Advanced registration certificates are available by mid-May.

  • Summer Session: Current enrollment certificates are available by the end of May.

  • Spring Semester: Advanced registration certificates are available by mid-November.

  • Winter Session: Current enrollment certificates are available by late December.

If your anticipated graduation date needs to be changed, please complete and submit the Request to Change Anticipated Graduation Date form.

Instructions for Families

Family members can generate and print an enrollment verification certificate for their student by visiting National Student Clearinghouse’s My Student Center.  

Family members will be charged $2.50. Students can access the certificate for free, using the instructions above.  

If your insurance company has its own form, complete their form with your policy information and then attach the enrollment verification certificate to the form. 

Good Student Discounts 

Car insurance companies and other businesses that offer “good student discounts” often require policyholders to provide proof of a student’s good academic standing. 

Only current UAlbany undergraduate students (including those enrolled in combined programs) who have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher may obtain a good student discount certificate. 

To obtain a good student discount certificate, use your UAlbany NetID and password to sign into the National Student Clearinghouse portal. Then click “Obtain a Good Student Discount Certificate.”  

Graduate students cannot obtain a good student discount certificate, as they do not have an official GPA at UAlbany. 


Other Enrollment Verification Services 

The Registrar’s Office can produce the following documents, upon request: 

  • Enrollment verification on University at Albany letterhead with official seal ($10 fee) 

  • Third party form (may have associated fee) 

  • AP credit letter (free) 

  • Excess credit letter (free) 

Please complete the Request for Enrollment Verification Services Form to request any of the above documents. 

Loan Deferment

Enrollment verification certificates should not be used for loan deferment purposes.  

Most lenders and loan servicing organizations that participate in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) also participate in paperless deferment, where neither the school nor the student needs to complete paper forms. 

Students must call their loan servicer to request a deferment. The servicer will match the student’s verbal order against NSC data to verify the student’s enrollment and then post the deferment to the student’s account. 

Undergraduate students’ status is determined as follows: 

  • Full-time: 12 or more credits per semester 

  • Three-quarters-time: Nine to 11 credits per semester 

  • Half-time: Six to eight credits per semester 

  • Less than half-time: One to five credits per semester 

Graduate students must be taking nine or more credits (or at least one 899 doctoral dissertation credit) to be considered full-time.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits

Students should review SNAP Eligibility for Students guidelines to determine if they are eligible. 

To download your financial aid award letter, use your UAlbany NetID and password to log into the Financial Aid portal. Select the current aid year and click “View UAlbany Award.”


  • To demonstrate progress toward your degree, or your major and minor requirements, run a degree audit

  • To show proof of your coursework, grades, grade point average (GPA), degree, major, minor and/or concentration, request an official transcript. Note: Proof of GPA is only available for undergraduate students.

  • To request disciplinary or academic misconduct records, please contact the Office of Community Standards