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College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity

BS in Informatics

The BS in Informatics is a unique opportunity for students to study the application of technology across disciplines. The degree includes courses that focus on the relationship between technology and society, the use of various technologies across platforms, and programming fundamentals.


Data Analytics

Data analytics includes the mining, analyzing, and visualizing data for use in strategic decision making, improving healthcare, tracking, marketing, Geo-Information Systems, research and more! The advent of ubiquitous computers, networks and their ability to interact with the physical world has led to an increasing explosion of data. This presents both opportunities and challenges. Data can lead to new scientific and medical discoveries in areas such as genomics. Increased data availability and analysis capability can improve the quality of social, economic and business modeling. But, data can also be misused as well. Data analytics combines all of these aspects – handling large amounts of data, methods of sophisticated data analysis, and awareness, and safeguards for data security and privacy issues.

Information Technology

The information technology concentration prepares students for a wide array of careers including IT Project Manager, Computer Support Specialist, and Technical Support Specialist.

Interactive User Experience (IUX)

The IUX concentration focuses on the overall experience between a user and a product. It is not just concerned with the interactive elements but also the way that certain elements look, feel or contrive to deliver certain outputs. It can prepare students for careers as a Web Application Developer, Digital Designer, User Experience Analyst, and Information Architect.

Students studying online are supported by academic advisors.

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