UAlbany Student Stories Podcast, "What is a book?"

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UAlbany student Claudia Piqué discusses the University Art Museum's first bilingual exhibit, “Libros/Arte: Handmade Books from Latin America & the Caribbean.”  Breaking the tradition of what we typically view as a book, not only because of this communal creation process but also the experimental formatting of the books, Libros/Arte and Cartoneras showcase a story of resistance from communities in Latin America and the Caribbean regarding who owns knowledge and how it is shared. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Jesus Alonso Regalado (Subject Librarian for History, Latin American Studies, and Romance Languages), who spent over a year collecting these books from across Latin America, and exhibit curators Dr. Ilka Kressner (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures) and Dr. Alejandra Bronfman (Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and US Latino Studies) who made this exhibit possible.  Join us to hear this episode and others at: