Professor and student stand over microscope smiling.
Student and professor stand in lab looking over book.
A person injecting something into test tube with gloved hands.

Sponsored Events

Hudson Valley RNA Club (HVRC)

The Hudson Valley RNA Club (HVRC) seeks to create a community and a scientific forum for students, postdocs, and scientists engaged in RNA-related research in the Hudson Valley region and beyond.

Life at the Interface of Science and Engineering (LISE)

Established through the generosity of UAlbany Distinguished Professor Marlene Belfort and RPI Institute Professor Georges Belfort, the Life at the Interface of Science and Technology Endowed Lecture Series is designed to address fundamental questions that require the expertise of both Life Sciences and Engineering to answer. This collaborative lecture series brings world renowned experts to speak to the campus communities at both UAlbany and RPI.

Life Sciences Research Symposium (LSRS)

The Life Sciences Research Symposium provides an opportunity for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows to present their research through oral and poster presentations, according the general format of main scientific conferences. It is an important event to promote student excellence and collaboration among researchers across the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Psychology.

RNA Symposium

The RNA Symposium brings together scientific experts, students and industry professionals who conduct basic, applied and translational research in RNA.

Workshops for Interaction and Scientific Collaboration (WISC)

Workshops for Interaction and Scientific Collaboration are intended to bring faculty, graduate students, post-docs and professional staff together across the Life Sciences disciplines. Biologists, Chemists, Physicists and Psychologists gather to share their science and ideas across academia and industry. Scientists from local and regional institutions give platform presentations in an environment that is conducive to brainstorming and networking.

Women in Science and Health (WISH)

WISH provides scientific and social networking opportunities for faculty in the STEM fields at UAlbany.