To support the preparation of all graduates to become globally competent, support the pursuit and advancement of global knowledge and to engender a campus culture that values global learning and engagement.


University at Albany, SUNY will be a pre-eminent model of broad and deep engagement with comprehensive internationalization both within the SUNY system and among public research universities, nationally and internationally.

Values that Undergird our Global Commitments

  • That all students should have multiple, intentional and substantive encounters with global perspectives.
  • That all U Albany graduates should have the skills, knowledge and disposition to contribute to a sustainable, peaceful, restorative and prosperous world.
  • That all faculty should be equipped with global skills and insights to prepare all students to achieve global objectives.
  • That faculty should be rewarded for meaningful engagement with global teaching and research.
  • That in addition to our identities of “public” and “research” that the university embrace an identity of being a “global” institution.
  • That the University at Albany should serve as a catalyst for global discovery and change.
  • That the University at Albany should cultivate and nurture partnerships with appropriate institutions and organizations globally.