Peace Corps Prep at UAlbany

Peace Corps Prep is a preparatory Certificate granted by the Peace Corps to undergraduate students from select universities who complete a recommended sequence of skill, language, intercultural and professional development.

UAlbany became the first SUNY institution and one of only four universities in New York State to be selected by the Peace Corps to offer its volunteer preparatory program, Peace Corps Prep.

A total of 22 undergraduate students earned the certificate in our first year (2019-2020), placing UAlbany's program in the top performing 5% of all Peace Corp Prep universities in the United States.

Undergraduate students who earn the Certificate possess just the right combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes to make the most of their world — increasing applicants’ chances of being selected as Peace Corps volunteers.


Earn a Certificate

Watch a video about earning a Peace Corps Prep certificate.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Certificate Requirements

The Peace Corps is looking for volunteers with a passion for service and core competencies as demonstrated through the following program requirements:

  • Training & Experience: Coursework (three courses) and volunteering (50 hours) in one of six work sectors (Agriculture, Community Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health and Youth in Development)

  • Intercultural Humility, Curiosity & Agility: Three core courses or similar experiences, such as study abroad

  • Professional Development Activities: Leadership experience and application preparation and support, such as resume critiques and practice interviews

  • Optional Language Study: Required only for Latin America (Spanish) and West Africa (French)

Support UAlbany Provides

UAlbany's program offers students skills, coaching and community. Everyone is welcome!

  • Skills: UAlbany courses and volunteer opportunities have been identified for all six work sectors and optional language training.

  • Coaching: UAlbany’s Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) and Faculty Council guide students in course and volunteering options, as well as Peace Corps resume and interview preparation. Every participant has a mentor and receives timely application support.

  • Community: Each year, the RPCV and Faculty Council host networking and intercultural, professional development events for Peace Corps Prep candidates.

How to Get Started

If you're hoping to serve in the Peace Corps within the next year, connect with a Peace Corps recruiter as soon as possible.

The Peace Corps issues Certificates to current undergraduate students who are nominated in mid-October and mid-March by their university’s Peace Corps Prep Coordinators.

  • Fall deadline: UAlbany undergraduate students who want to qualify for the Peace Corps Prep Certificate during the fall semester must apply and complete all requirements by October 10.

  • Spring deadline: UAlbany undergraduate students who want to qualify for the Peace Corps Prep Certificate during the spring semester must apply and complete all requirements by March 10.

Apply for Peace Corps Prep