CIEGS Faculty Advisory Committee

Faculty representing each school/college work closely with the Dean to provide advice and support on international projects and initiatives being explored at the university. They also advocate in support of internationalization in the schools and colleges they represent:

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Prof. Mathias Vuille
  • Prof. Laurie Feldman

College of Emergency Preparedness Homeland Security and Cyber Security

  • Prof. Eric Stern

College of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Prof. Hany Elgala

Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

  • Prof. Rey Koslowski

School of Business

  • Prof. Rita Biswas

School of Criminal Justice

  • Dean William Pridemore

School of Education

  • Prof. Gilbert Valverde

School of Public Health

  • Director John Justino

School of Social Welfare

  • Prof. Robert Miller II