UAlbany Innovation Center

Welcome to the UAlbany Innovation Center!

The UAlbany Innovation Center helps grow successful technology ventures and seeks to harness the intellectual capital of four transformational research clusters at the University at Albany. The research clusters include: Climate & Environmental Science Research, Biomedical Science & Biotechnology, Forensic Sciences & Cyber Security, and Advanced Data Analytics.

Functions of the UAlbany Innovation Center:

  • Provides innovators with a wide range of programs and services to protect, market, and license intellectual property developed at the University at Albany.
  • Works with industry partners to assess research for potential commercial success, seek partners who can benefit from new technology, and develop critical relationships. 
  • Provides university entrepreneurs with assistance and resources to launch startups and scale businesses based on university innovations. 
  • Is part of Innovate 518 - the Capital Region Innovation Hot Spot, led by the University at Albany, allowing companies to receive up to five years of tax exemption for startup companies. 

Whether you are a student preparing to take your place in the professional world, a startup eager to disrupt the market, an established brand upping the ante, or a researcher working on a life-changing scientific breakthrough, the University at Albany has the resources you need to succeed.

Learn how to leverage our powerful innovation ecosystem to drive growth for yourself or your business. Let us connect you to the talent, research, education or facilities that best support your goals. 

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