Office for Innovation Development and Commercialization

Welcome to the UAlbany Office of Innovation Development and Commercialization.

Our mission is to help members of the UAlbany community - faculty, staff and students - increase their impact on society by assisting in:

  • Identifying innovations emerging from their research, teaching and service activities that could have broader societal impact;
  • Assessing the costs and benefits associated with development and commercialization of the innovation;
  • For innovations whose projected benefits exceed projected costs:
    • Protecting the intellectual property as appropriate by patent, trademark, and/or copyright;
    • Evaluating potential pathways and developing strategies for development and commercialization
    • Finding partners who can participate in further research, development and commercialization
    • Negotiating agreements that provide value to both partners while protecting the rights of UAlbany participants and preserving the intellectual property assets;
    • Helping interested faculty, staff and students in their entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Please contact us when:

  • You have made an invention or other innovation that you think has potential value that cannot be fully realized through scholarly publications and classroom teaching. We will discuss your idea with you and, if appropriate, start the disclosure and assessment process. 
  • You want to receive a specialized research material from a source outside UAlbany. Or you want to share you specialized research material with someone outside UAlbany. We will negotiate a Material Transfer Agreement with the other organization.
  • You want to establish a substantial research collaboration with a colleague at another academic institution that does not necessarily involve a funding relationship. We will help clarify and document the expectations of you and your colleague and draft a memorandum of understanding between UAlbany and the other institution, in order to minimize potential for misunderstanding about issues such as intellectual property.
  • You are interested in exploring different ways of interacting with companies to enrich your research program. We will share our experience, brainstorm with you, and help you take the next steps forward.
  • A company is interested in funding your research. We will work with you and the Office for Sponsored Programs to negotiate a sponsorship agreement that provides mutual value and that lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship. 
  • You've been approached by a company or entrepreneur about using your idea or invention in a commercial enterprise. We will help explore and weigh possible alternatives, draft a licensing agreement, and negotiate favorable terms to allow you to benefit financially through royalty payments, which can also provide funds for your research and scholarly activities. 
  • You want to be personally involved in the commercialization of your ideas by starting a company. We will facilitate opportunities for you to learn what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur and we'll connect you with expertise and resources. 
  • You simply want to learn more about intellectual property or commercialization. We'll meet with you individually or with your research group or departmental colleagues, as you prefer, to provide an overview, answer questions and start an on-going conversation.