Human Resources

Jury Duty and Court Appearances

To allow employees to perform their civic duties without penalty, an employee may report for jury duty or as a witness in a court or quasi-judicial matter without charge to leave credits, provided the employee is not a party to the action.

A supervisor may request satisfactory proof that the employee's presence is required for such purposes. In addition, the employee must provide a record of jury duty attendance from the court for each individual day of attendance.

Employees should generally be required to report for duty in their department at all times when their attendance for court or jury purposes is not required. However, employees who have devoted a full day to jury duty or a court appearance, and who are scheduled to work a full shift other than the regular day shift, may at the discretion of the department be granted leave with pay for the scheduled shift. The supervisor may opt to reschedule the employee to the day shift for the duration of the jury duty or court assignment.

Under no circumstance may an employee be granted compensatory time off in lieu of ordered appearances and jury duty attendance on a pass day, a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

Although employees should generally be encouraged to fulfill their civic duties, they may be encouraged, but may not be required, to request a deferment of jury duty responsibilities when it is deemed necessary for the efficient conduct of government business.

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