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Indigenous Quad Information

Quad Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 12PM - 10AM
Sat - Sun 1PM - 10PM

Phone: 518-442-5940

Indigenous Quad

Formerly Indian Quad

Indigenous Quad Virtual Tour

Indigenous Quad is comprised of all freshmen. The majority of the low-rise buildings surrounding the tower provide a traditional residence hall environment with community bathroom facilities located centrally on each floor. Mohawk Tower, Seneca Hall, and Tuscarora Hall are suite style and have internal bathrooms. Laundry rooms are located in the basement of each building, while Seneca and Tuscarora Halls also have laundry rooms on each floor. There is a Resident Assistant assigned to each floor/area. They are responsible for serving as a resource and facilitating community development on their respective floor/area.

Indigenous Quad has its own state-of-the-art fitness center, ran by Campus Recreation, as well as a renovated dining facility and a game room.

The CHARGE Resource Room is located in Mohawk Tower. The resource room houses a library and other resources that help University at Albany residents develop a respect for diversity within racial and ethnic groups.

There is a SEFCU ATM located in the lobby of Seneca & Tuscarora Halls. More information about banking services on campus may be found by visiting

Adirondack, Cayuga, Mahican, Montauk & Oneida Halls: Traditional corridor style rooms with communal bathrooms centrally located on each floor. The corner suites on each floor have internal bathrooms, and all rooms are located within 4-, 5-, or 6-person suites. Each building also has communal study lounges located in the basement. Adirondack, Cayuga, Mahican, and Montauk Halls offer recess housing, meaning they remain open for students during all University recesses.

Onondaga Hall: Traditional corridor style rooms with communal bathrooms centrally located on each floor. Study lounges are located in the basement and are locked 24 hours a day. Students may obtain the keys for these study lounges by visiting the Quad Information Center.

Seneca and Tuscarora Halls, Mohawk Tower: All rooms are within 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, or 7-person suites with internal bathrooms. Each of these buildings have study lounges located on each floor.

Meet The Indigenous Quad Team!

(From Left to Right: Resident Director Amanda Diaz, Resident Director Neve Polius, Assistant Director Ema Buco, Resident Director Christina Shea, Resident Director Sean Johnson)

Hello and Welcome Indigenous Quad Residents!

The IQ Professional Staff Team is so happy to have you with us this year! Just like all of you, we have very different backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and traditions, but we are connected in the way that our favorite part of this job is seeing all of YOU! Some of us love raising plants (or fake plants?), some of us love collecting vinyl records, some of us love bringing people together with the food we cook, and as you can see by our bright smiles, ALL of us love being here for ALL of you! Stop by the Quad Office any time to get to know us better. We can’t wait!


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