Liberal Studies Courses

Gls 500 Topics in Humanities (4)

Focus on texts in the humanities, frequently cutting across disciplines within the humanities and drawing upon areas in the social and natural sciences.

Gls 501 Topics in Social Sciences (4)

Exploration of fundamental issues concerning the structures and dynamics of society, drawing upon components of the humanities and sciences where appropriate.

Gls 600 Topics in Natural Sciences (4)

Concepts in the natural sciences and the inter-relationships of science, individual values, and social institutions.

Gls 680 Research Project (3)

An independent research project, carried out in consultation with a faculty advisor, provides the greatest opportunity for each student to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the program to an independent, scholarly activity and to approach liberal studies from his/her particular vantage point.

Gls 697 Directed Readings (1-4)

Permission of instructor required.

Gls 699 Master's Thesis (4)

Research and writing the Master's thesis in conjunction with a faculty committee consisting of a minimum of two members.

Gls 699C Master's Thesis (1)

Course grading is Load Only and does not earn credit. Appropriate for master's students engaged in research and writing of the master's thesis beyond the level applicable to their degree program.