Registration Process

Once admitted, General Studies’ students may register either in our office or using MyUAlbany, the University’s web-based registration system.  The Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions provides you with the necessary clearance and instructions to utilize the MyUAlbany system upon completion of the admission process.

General registration periods run from the first day of Advance Registration through the first day of classes.  Spring and winter registration usually begins in October and fall and summer registration usually begins in March.  Late registration is available to students after the first day of classes; however, a late registration fee will be imposed for all students that register late.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates and times to register.

Registration Cancellation

When you register for class(es), a seat will be reserved for you in that course.  Please know that you are financially liable for the course(s) for which you have registered.  An E-bill will be generated by the Office of Student Accounts for all registered coursework.  Do not ignore any E-bills that you may receive since you will incur a late charge for each bill generated.  You are expected to pay all tuition and fees for the course(s) in which you enroll, whether or not you attend any of the classes.  Your bill is not cancelled if you fail to attend classes for any reason, unless you take action to formally withdraw/drop the class(es) during the refund period.

Dropping a Course
Should you have a change of plans and wish to drop one or more of your classes, you must drop via MyUAlbany within the designated dates for dropping courses. These dates can be found in the Academic Calendar. You may also withdraw by forwarding a letter via mail or fax to our office. When faxing us, please follow-up with a phone call to our office at (518) 442-5140 to ensure your fax was received. If you do not formally withdraw from your class(es), you will remain liable for the tuition and fees.

Refund for a Dropped Course
Tuition and fees may be refundable when you officially withdraw/drop from your class(es). To qualify for a 100% refund of tuition, you must withdraw before the end of the 100% refund period. Refunds of tuition after that time are pro-rated according to the Tuition Liability Schedule.


Administrative holds will prevent you from registering.  Therefore, before attempting to register, please be sure you have satisfied any outstanding obligations to any administrative offices - parking tickets, library fines, health forms, and tuition payments.  You can not register or access your academic records if any administrative office has placed a hold on your registration.

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