Inclusion and Diversity

The Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (DAES) values inclusion and diversity. We work to support the recruitment and retention of a diverse population of staff, students, and faculty within the department. We work to share our science with diverse audiences locally, nationally, and globally. We strive to foster a departmental climate that is inclusive, welcoming, and respectful to all. We do so within the context of the University at Albany’s campus-wide policy on nondiscrimination.
The DAES Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC) works to facilitate the department’s goals in this area. To do so, the IDC works with other departmental committees and campus-wide offices. The IDC is chaired by Dr. Brian Tang.

Below is a list of online resources related to the department’s diversity and inclusion goals.

University resources for students / faculty / staff

Student Life: Diversity at UAlbany
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion Resources
Disability Resource Center
Student CARE services
Counseling and Psychological Services
Interfaith Center
Gender & Sexuality Resource Center
Safe Space (Safe Space Liaison: Joane Ternier)
Intercultural Student Engagement
International Student and Scholar Services


DAES community outreach

UAlbany Weather & Climate Camp (for local teens)
DAES annual Family Earth Day
DAES at MiSci Science Festival

Opportunities (UAlbany)

Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Fellowship
Educational Opportunities Program (EOP; for prospective undergraduate students)
Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP; for elementary and secondary students)

National resources in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS)
Earth Science Women’s Network