Tutoring for Undergraduate Students

DAES tutoring is available for atmospheric science and environmental science majors when classes are in session. We have a team of graduate students available to help you in your atmospheric science, environmental science, calculus, physics, and chemistry courses on request. Please fill out the DAES Tutoring Request form to request a tutor. ​

After you submit this form, a graduate student who matches with the class(es) you request help with will be assigned to you and will reach out to you within a few days. 

DAES tutoring is meant to supplement the help offered by your instructors and teaching assistants. For classes outside of atmospheric or environmental science (such as calculus, physics, or chemistry), we suggest you first reach out to your TA/professor and consult available UAlbany tutoring services.​

If you have any questions, please contact the tutoring program organizer, Melissa Piper, at [email protected].

A classroom full of students is seen through a window, while the wall behind them is made up  of screens displaying a variety of weather maps and data.