Graduate Student Resources

 Resources for DAES Graduate Students

A grad student in a button up shirt and khakis stands in front of a wall-sized monitor displaying a weather map at UAlbany's xCITE Lab. He is surrounded by weather equipment, including a screen in the foreground that reads "29°"

Graduate Student Handbook

The DAES Graduate Student Handbook, updated regularly, contains practical information regarding policies and guidelines for M.S. and Ph.D. students in DAES.


Registered Graduate Student Organization (RGSO)

The Atmospheric Science Graduate Student Organization provides opportunities to promote the academic, professional, and social development of graduate students, and advocates for graduate students in the department.


Graduate Student Committee Calendar

Events in the DAES Graduate Student Committee Calendar include: Monday Seminar Series, Monday Roundtables, Tropical Climate/Intraseasonal Map Disco, Tropical Lunch, Climate Group, Map Disco, Cyclone Research Group, DAES CG, ASRC Colloquia, Masters/Ph.D Defenses, Prospectus Presentations, Department Events (e.g., Recruitment, Earth Day, Outreach).