Safe Space

The Mission of the University at Albany Safe Space Program is to support and empower members of the UAlbany community through education, engagement and deliberate dialogue in order to provide an affirming and inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff to THRIVE.

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Safe Space Ally trainings are open to faculty, staff, and students and are held throughout the year. Faculty and Staff Allies who complete SSI: LGBT* 101 and go on to SSII: Advocacy will receive a specially designed Safe Space placard to display on their office door.

Flip through the boxes below to read a little about each training and to see semester training dates. 

Find Safe Space Faculty/Staff: Interactive Ally Map 

2021 Update: Safe Space Training can be offered on a case by case basis by contacting the [email protected]

Safe Space I is a multi-part training that provides and builds upon a firm base of understanding regarding LGBTQ+ identity and experience by:

•Identifying perceptions and bias around issues of sex, sexual identity, and gender identity
•Exploring the evolution and limitation of language and terminology
•Providing information on resources and for referrals on campus and within the community

This training intentionally highlights the experiences of Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC), Bisexual/ Non-monosexual, and Trans* Spectrum identities




Locations vary and will be sent in an email confirmation before each training.

(Sundays* and Evening* times are aimed at student attendees but all sessions are open to all)


A two hour training for Faculty and Staff who wish to become part of the Safe Space Sticker Program and cover topics like: (Participants must complete SSI in order to access SSII)

  • Institutionalized LGBTQ+ Bias

  • LGBTQ+ Identity Development Models

  • LGBTQ+ Student Panel

  • From Ally to Advocate Planning for Empowerment

There are many LGBTQ+ allies on the UAlbany campus. The Safe Space UAlbany sticker is just one way of identifying some faculty, staff and administrators who are able to offer support and connect students with campus resources.

Are you interested in expanding your facilitation skills?

The Safe Space program allows faculty, staff and students to work together to share knowledge through its training program. Anyone can become a trainer. We offer trainings twice a month so there are lots of opportunities to train other members of our community, and since trainings are staggered by day and time there are lots of opportunities for different training pairs.

So how do you become a trainer?

First you must attend Safe Space I. Then email the coordinator of the GSRC and let them know you are interested in becoming a trainer. From there you will be invited to participate in a train the trainer workshop. If the train the trainer has already passed, don't worry! By attending Safe Space I training a second time you are able to train as a co-trainer!

No prior experience necessary! Feel free to message us with questions.

    Since its start in 2008 the Safe Space program has trained over 800+ Faculty, Staff and Students. Click here to check out our interactive Ally map by building and department!

    A review of our training found that:

    82% of respondents had never participated in Safe Space training before

    90% Reported feeling more comfortable should a student come out to them after attending this workshop 

    94% Reported that they would be able to recognize basic terms around Sexual and Gender identities after attending this training

    95% indicated that knowledge about LGBT identity was important to their current or future work and education 

    98% Said they would recommend this training to a friend or colleague

    99% of those who took the training, opted to continue with the program by displaying their sticker and/or joining the Safe Space E-mail list serve

    100% Correctly described at least one way they could support an LGBT student