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Current graduate students and recent alumni of the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Graduate Student Directory

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Alber Kathrin ETEC 466 [email protected] Zhou
Alwang Aidan ETEC 424E [email protected] Dai
Ansah Peter ETEC 406 [email protected] Yu
Bagadia Vishal ETEC 424G [email protected] Lu/Yu
Barletta Michael ETEC 470 [email protected] Torn
Barreto Schuler Christian ETEC 428E [email protected] Grogan/Lu/Thorncroft
Booker Peter ETEC 428I [email protected] Elison Timm
Brewer Matthew ETEC 345 [email protected] Fovell
Cai Yichen "Jade" ETEC 432 [email protected] Sulia
Cadwalder Jason ETEC 406 [email protected] Roundy
Campisi Angelena ETEC 408 [email protected] Hillman
Capute Peyton ETEC 428 [email protected] Torn
Catena Alexandra ETEC 426 [email protected] Schwab
Chen Yanna ETEC 412 [email protected] Joseph/Fovell
Chu Suqian ETEC 336 [email protected] Yu
Czech Cara ETEC 345 [email protected] Roundy
de Castro Crizzia ETEC 336 [email protected] Roundy
Deitsch Adam ETEC 345 [email protected] Lance
DeSousa Samantha ETEC 345 [email protected] Roundy
Dolan Emily ETEC 345 [email protected] Roundy
Dotterer Krista ETEC 336 [email protected] Thorncroft
Eldridge Rachel ETEC 424G [email protected] Fovell/Tang
Ellington Ada ETEC 424F [email protected] Minder
Evans David Aaron ETEC 410 [email protected] Bassill/Sulia/Thorncroft
Fandrich Katrina ETEC 432 [email protected] Elison Timm
Fernandez Elena ETEC 470 [email protected] Lang
Fontanez Ivàn ETEC 438 [email protected] Torn
Ford Robert ETEC 406 [email protected] Rose
Friedkin Matthew ETEC 428E [email protected] Lu/Miller
Garmong Richard ETEC 336 [email protected] Fovell
Glasser Alex ETEC 424F [email protected] Fovell
Gyawali Nabindra ETEC 410 [email protected] Ferguson
Hart Sumar ETEC 423 [email protected] Hilman
Hernandez Luis ETEC 466 [email protected] Corbosiero/Tang
Hojeily Ellie ETEC 428F [email protected] Lu/Miller
Hooler Skylar ETEC 408 [email protected] Hillman
Horan Brian ETEC 438 [email protected] Bassill/Sulia/Thorncroft
Jenkins Matthew ETEC 466 [email protected] Dai
Johnson Nicholas ETEC 428H [email protected] Corbosiero/Tang
Khadka Anil ETEC 424G [email protected] Yu
Lawrence Christopher ETEC 470 [email protected] Lance
Leicht Tyler ETEC 412 [email protected] Bosart
Lin Chin-An ETEC 410 [email protected] Lu
Lombardo Sarah ETEC 424E [email protected] Lance
Lucy Emily ETEC 426 [email protected] Corbosiero/Tang
Lynne Matthew ETEC 410 [email protected] Dai
Maneesai Suphant "Fuji" ETEC 428I [email protected] Rose/Roundy
Marcial David ETEC 470 [email protected] Freedman/Miller
McCabe Elizabeth ETEC 428I [email protected] Freedman
Miller Patrick ETEC 410 [email protected] Freedman
Miranda Sincere ETEC 336 [email protected] Roundy
Mitchell Alexander ETEC 412 [email protected] Bosart
Oppong Frederick ETEC 345 [email protected] Gonzalez Cruz
Orrison Rebecca ETEC 466 [email protected] Vuille
Pagnotti Victor ETEC 345 [email protected] Gonzalez Cruz
Panhans Paul ETEC 408 [email protected] Lang
Paquette Cameron ETEC 428F [email protected] Lang
Pena Jean Carlos ETEC 426 [email protected] Gonzalez Cruz
Piersante Jeremiah ETEC 428E [email protected] Corbosiero/Fovell
Piper Melissa ETEC 412 [email protected] Torn
Plummer Ian ETEC 426 [email protected] Murty
Richardson Jannetta ETEC 406 [email protected] Fovell/Tang
Rivera Matos Daliza ETEC 428E [email protected] Murty
Rojas Yazmina ETEC 428H [email protected] Minder
Sharma Anadhi ETEC 345 [email protected] Elison Timm
Schiede Megan ETEC 438 [email protected] Minder
Sheji Liam ETEC 345 [email protected] Freedman/Lu
Sinnenberg Matt ETEC 336 [email protected] Timm
Smith Brian ETEC 424F [email protected] Timm
Solimine Stephen ETEC 428F [email protected] Zhou
Stikeleather William ETEC 470 [email protected] Roundy
Sutter Carly ETEC 406 [email protected] Bassill/Sulia/Thorncroft
Tripathy Archana ETEC 438 [email protected] Lance
Turner Shelby ETEC 428G [email protected] Vuille
Zhuo Li ETEC 428H [email protected] Rose/Zhou
Zhou Minghao ETEC 428G [email protected] Fovell
Zhu Fangze ETEC 466 [email protected] Rose