For Faculty & Staff

Psychological Consultation

We provide assistance to faculty and staff to support your efforts in helping distressed students. To consult with a Counseling Center psychologist, call 518-442-5800 or send an email We will make every effort to respond to your questions or concerns within twenty-four hours on weekdays.

Signs of Student Distress

  • Problems in academic performance
  • Change in personal patterns
  • Problems and/or loss in personal relationships
  • References to harming oneself or others

Making a Referral: Speaking to a Student about Seeking Help

  • Express concern for the student’s wellbeing.
  • Be specific regarding the behavior that concerns you.
  • Ask the student to consider a visit or consultation with the Counseling Center.
  • If the student agrees to the referral, offer to call the Counseling Center on their behalf. Whereas some students prefer to make their own contact, a distressed student may appreciate your assistance.

What is an Emergency? Some Signs of an Emergency Situation Include:

  • Recent suicide attempt or stated intention
  • Behavior posing a threat to the individual or to others
  • Inability to care for oneself

Responding to Urgent Situations

Save a Life

As part of our commitment to assisting distressed students, the University Counseling Center has developed a program for faculty and staff regarding how to help students in crisis. To download the “Save a Life” program brochure, please click here.

Guest Lectures and Seminars

We present in-class lectures and seminars regarding topics that complement academic learning with a focus on mental and behavioral health issues. Click here for examples of educational presentations.