Center for X-ray Optics

The Center for X-ray Optics was founded in 1991 as a collection of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students studying the properties and application of x-ray and neutron optics.  

Areas of Research

Medical Applications

  • Mammography
  • Monocromatic Radiography 
  • X-ray and Neutron Therapy
  • MicroScintigraphy

Materials Applications

  • MicroDiffraction
  • Microfluorescence

Basic Research

  • Scattering Theory
  • Surface Effects
  • Radiation Effects

Facilities include an 1200 sq ft laboratory housing multiple x-ray beam lines consisting of rotating anode or microfocus x-ray sources with copper, molydenum and tungsten targets, motion control systems for optic alignment and testing, and high resolution energy sensitive or imaging detectors.