Carolyn MacDonald

Carolyn MacDonald

Professor, Director X-Ray Institute
Department of Physics
Center for X-ray Optics


Physics 223/Life Sciences 1145

PhD Harvard University (1986)

Assistant Professor, University at Albany (1986-1994)

Associate Director, Center for X-ray Optics (1991-2002)

Associate Professor, University at Albany (1994-1998)

Professor, University at Albany (1998-present)

Director, Center for X-ray Optics (2002-present)

Chair, Physics (2008-2014)

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Research Areas:

  • Medical imaging
  • Materials science
  • X-ray Optics


Current Research:

My current research is primarily involved with the development of x-ray technology, especially the application of crystal and polycapillary x-ray optics to a variety of applications, including medical imaging, therapy, and materials analysis. Areas of current investigation include the use of scatter rejection grids to tissue type imaging, the use of polycapillary and curved crystal optics to produce monochromatic beams for diffraction enhanced and phase imaging, the development of a "micro gamma camera" for nuclear medicine, and the development of convergent beam diffraction systems for protein and macromolecular crystallography. Current and past external funding exceeds $4M, primarily from NIH, NASA and the Breast Cancer Research Program.


Research Links:


Selected Publications (of > 100):

1. H. Abbas, D.N. Mahato, S. Satti, “Measurements and Simulations of Focused Beam for OrthovoltageTherapy,” Medical Physics, 2014.

2. Sajjad Tahir, Sajid Bashir, Jonathan C. Petruccelli, Carolyn MacDonald, Fourier transform image processing techniques for grid-based phase imaging, Proc. SPIE 9209, Advances in Computational Methods for X-Ray Optics III, 920913 doi: 10.1117/12.2062889.

3. Sajid Bashir, Jonathan C. Petruccelli, Carolyn MacDonald, Phase imaging using polycapillary optics Proc. SPIE 9207, Advances in X-Ray/EUV Optics and Components IX, 92070X, doi:10.1117/12.2063229.

4. Bushra Kanwal, Alexandru F. Petrescu, Tianxi Sun, Carolyn A. MacDonald, Modeling of a compound imaging system with a curved monochromator and polycapillary optics in Proc. SPIE 9209, Advances in Computational Methods for X-Ray Optics III, 92090O doi:10.1117/12.2063309

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Wide field coherent scatter imaging for radiography using a divergent beam, disclosed 5/2003, application 0794.075filed 12/2006, revised 1/2007, 2/2009, 8/2009, allowed 10/2009.