Past Dissertations

List of Past Dissertations

Full pdfs of dissertations & thesis can be found in the University’s Dissertations & Theses Database here.

Year Last Name First Name PhD MS Theses Advisor
2022 Khoo Ting Chean X   A Novel Phase and Spectroscopic Imaging Technique to Evaluate Cellular Functions Alexander Khmaladze
2022 Tripi Erik W. Jr.   X System Measurements for X-ray Phase Diffraction Imaging Jonathan Petruccelli
2022 Wittkopp Jeremy X   Computational Methods for Propagation of Optical Fields with the Angle-impact Wigner Function Jonathan Petruccelli
2022 Myers Christopher A. X   Turning Density Functional Theory Calculations into Molecular Mechanics Simulations Alan Chen 
2022 Mathews Candace   X Probability Distributions of the Scalar Potential V Daniel Robbins  
2022 Pyakurel Uttam X   Phase and Dark Field Radiography and CT with Mesh-based Structured Illumination and Polycapillary Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2022 Pessoa Pedro X    An Entropic Approach to Dynamics  Ariel Caticha
2022 Cheung Pikting   X X-ray Phase and Coherent Scatter Imaging Measurements Carolyn MacDonald
2022 Rischbieter Gregory X   Signal Yields and Detector Modeling in Xenon Time Projection Chambers, and Results of an Effective Field Theory Dark Matter Search Using LUX Data  Matthew Szydagis
2020 Avish Nathan   X Numerical Study of Klebanov-Tarnopolsky  Models Oleg Lunin
2020 Walsh James L. X   The Influence Network in 1 + 1 Dimensions Kevin Knuth
2019 Shrestha Bhupal X   Remote Sensing of Planetary Boundary Layer Height and Particulate Matter 2.5 in New York State Mesonet Network. Everette Joseph
2019 Li Qinglin X   Microstate Geometries and Hidden Symmetries. Oleg Lunin
2019 Swift Stewart X   Measurement of b-quark Pair Production in Association with Z Bosons and Top Quarks with the ATLAS Detector. Vivek Jain


D'Brant  Lianna    X Imaging Approaches to Study Neuron and Astrocyte Morphology Alex Khmaladze
2018 Carter  Jen  X   Estimation of Planetary Photometric Emissions of Extremely Close-in Exoplanets Kevin Knuth
2018 Tian  Jia  X   Black Hole Microstates and Integrable Deformation in String Theory Oleg Lunin
2018 He  Congxiao  X   Mesh and Diffraction-based X-ray Phase Imaging Carolyn MacDonald
2018 Carado  Bertrand    X Transits of Non-Spherical Exoplanets Kevin Knuth
2018 Zhang  Yanli  X   Carrier Scattering and Localization in nm-Thick Al/Ru, Al/Co, and Al/Mo Superlattices TS Kuan
2018 Kim  Jessica  X   Effects of Interface Scattering and Carrier Localization on Conductance of Cu-Based Superlattices TS Kuan
2018 Vanselette  Kevin  X   Inferential Design of Entropy and Its Application to Quantum Mechanics Ariel Caticha
2018 DiFranzo Susan  X   The Entropic Dynamics Approach to the Paradigmatic Quantum Phenomena Ariel Caticha
2018 Chakraborty Tonmoy X   Illumination Modulation for Improved Propagation-based Phase Imaging  Jonathan Petruccelli
2017 Chervonyi Yuri X   Hidden Symmetries in String Theory Oleg Lunin
2017 Starr-Baier Sean   X Coherent Scatter and Grid-Based Phase Imaging for Materials Discrimination Carolyn Macdonald
2017 Hayden Danielle   X Mesh-Based Fourier Imaging for Biological and Security Applications Carolyn Macdonald
2017 Young Steven   X Photometric Flux in EXONEST Kevin Knuth
2016 Chang Yuan (Alex) X   Thermal Transportability Based Gas Analysis Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Carolyn MacDonald
2016 Gai Tony   X Bayesian Model Testing of Models for Ellipsoidal Variation on Stars Due to Hot Jupiters" Kevin Knuth
2016 Richards Zachary   X The Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets Kevin Knuth
2016 Akhter Perveen X   Tailoring the Optical Properties of Silicon with Ion Beam Created Nanostructures for Advanced Photonics Applications Carolyn Macdonald
2016 Bouffard Julian X   A Tale of Two Searches with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider Jain Vivek
2016 Mubeen Muhammad Asim X   Bayesian Signal Detection and Source Separation in Simulated Brain Computer Interface Systems Kevin Knuth
2015 Lewkowicz Joseph   X Black Hole Microsctates in String Theory Oleg Lunin
2015 Rehman Mahboob   X Coherent Scatter Imaging Measurement Carolyn MacDonald
2015 Hassan Laila X   A Coherent Scattering Imaging Monte Carlo Simulation Carolyn MacDonald
2015 Lewkowicz Joseph   X Black Hole Microsctates in String Theory Oleg Lunin
2015 Bashir Sajid X   Phase Imaging using Polycapillary Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2015 Herrmann Ashley X   Strain Relaxation in nm-thick Cu and Cu-alloy Films Bonded to a Rigid Substrate T. S. Kuan
2015 Kanwal Bushra X   Phase Imaging Using X-Ray Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2015 Neori Klil X   Identical Particles in Quantum Mechanics: Operational and Topological Considerations Philip Goyal
2014 Wright Matthew   X A Brownian Dynamics Approach to ESR Line Shape Calculations Keith Earle
2014 Edson William X   Measurement of the ttbar Interaction Cross Section in the tau+jets Decay Channel via Multivariable Template Fitting of 4.6 fb-1 of data collected at √s = 7 TeV by the ATLAS Detector Saj Alam
2014 Parenti Mathew   X Energy Dependence of Deuteron Induced Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections on Li, Be, B, C, N, O, and F William Lanford
2014 Placek Ben X   EXONEST: A Bayesian Algorith for Detecting and Characterizing Exoplanets Kevin Knuth
2014 Kern Katie   X Coherent Scatter Imaging for Mammography Carolyn MacDonald
2014 Nawaz Shahid X   Momentum and Spin in Entropic Quantum Dynamics Ariel Caticha
2014 Tse Man Kit X   Power Law Models of Stock Indices Kevin Knuth 
2014 Peerzada Lubna X   Diffraction-Based Techniques for High Contrast X-Ray Imaging Carolyn MacDonald
2013 Teeba Rashid X   Measurement of the Top Anti-Top Quark Pair Production Cross-section in the tau tau + jets Channel at sqrt{s}sqrt{s}=7 TeV Using ATLAS Detector Sajadj Alam
2013 Eichelberger Gregory   X   Ariel Caticha
2013 Newshaw Bahreyni X   A potential Framework for Emergent Space-Time Geometry from Order Kevin Knuth
2013 Conlon Patrick   X The Potential for High Resolution Microscintigraphy Using Polycapillary Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2012 Hock Kiel   X Information Theory Applied to Parameter Inference of the Nuclear Resonance Absorption Lineshape of a Hydrated Crystal Keith Earle
2012 Meyer Joshua   X Conformal Field Theory and its Application to the Ising Model Oleg Lunin
2012 Abbas Hassan X   Modeling of Megavoltage and Low Energy Focused X-ray Beams Using MCNP5 Carolyn MacDonald
2012 Mahmood Hasan X   Albany Particle Testing and Training Tower – A Prototype Particle Physics Experiment M. Sajjad Alam
2012 Malakar Nabin X   Autonomous Entropy-Based Intelligent Experimental Design Kevin Knuth
2012 Schmitz Robert X   Simulation of Polycapillary And Multichannel Plate X-ray Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2011 Johnson David X   Generalized Galilean Transformations and the Measurement Problem in the Entropic Dynamics Approach to Quantum Theory Ariel Caticha
2011 LaBarbera Stephanie X   Nucleation, Wetting and Agglomeration of Cu and Cu-Alloy Thin Films on Metal Liner Surfaces T. S. Kuan
2011 Wu Zhiyuan X   PVD Cu Trench-Fill by Viscous Flow at High Temperatures TS Kuan
2011 Unal Selim   X SUSY Based Displaced Vertices in ATLAS Experiment Jesse Ernst
2010 Badu Shyam X   First Principles Investigation of electronic Structures and Associated Energy and Wave Function Dependent Properties of Biological Systems:  deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Oxyhaemoglobin. Tara Das
2010 Nathan Brian   X Spectral Analysis methods for Characterizing Organic Molecules in Space Kevin Knuth
2010 Pink Roger X   The Energetic and Wavefunction Properties of Atomic, Molecular, and Solid State Systems Tara Das
2010 Zhou Wei X   Application of X-Ray Diffraction to Material Analysis and Medical Imaging Carolyn MacDonald
2009 Kristensen Ryan X   Application and Extension of Glauber Ising-spin Dynamics in the Context of a Single Chain Magnet System John Kimball
2009 Mahato Dip X   X-Ray Diffraction-Based Electronic Structure Calculations And Experimental X-Ray Analysis For Medical And Materials Applications Carolyn MacDonald
2009 Sahoo Santosh     Doubly Curved Crystal Optics for Monochromatic and Diffraction Enhanced X-Ray Imaging Carolyn MacDonald
2008 Bingolbali Ayhan X   Curved Crystal X-Ray Optics for Monochromatic Analysis and Imaging Carolyn MacDonald
2008 Cafaro Carlo X   The Information Geometry of Chaos Ariel Caticha
2008 Dalton Stephen X   Virial Coefficient Calculations for an Anyon Gas and a Quon gas, and an Anyonic Quon Gas Akira Inomata
2008 Giffin Adom X   Maximum Entropy:  The Universal Method for Inference Ariel Caticha
2007 Liu Jian X   Searching for Double Charm Baryon $\Xi_{ccd}\to \Lambda_{c} k \pi$ in the BABAR  Experiment Jesse Ernst
2007 Mueller Justin X   Effect Of Ultra-Thin Liner Materials on Copper Nucleation/Wetting and Copper Grain Growth T.S. Kuan
2007 Pan Bin X   Search for Double Charmed Baryon $\Omega_ccs$ Saj Alam
2006 Ahmed Shamona     Study of Charmed Baryon $\Sigma_c$(2800) Production at the BaBar Experiment -2006 Saj Alam
2006 Ali Saleem X   Aspects of Nonlinear Conform-Affine Gravitational Gauge Field Theory Akira Inomata
2006 Bula Rahmi X   First Observation of an Exited Charm Baryon $\Omega^*_c$  decaying to $\Omega^0_c$ - Gamma at the BaBar Experiment Saj Alam
2006 Formica Sarah X   Development of X-Ray Instrumentation for Characterizing Metastable Thin Film Semiconductors Suzanne Lee
2006 Hornbeck Michael X   Effects of Line Width and Liner Material on the Resistivity and Grain Growth of Copper Interconnects T.S. Kuan
2006 Hussain Abrar X   Potential Applications of Polycapilary Optics to Polarized Beam X-ray Fluoresence Analysis Carolyn MacDonald
2006 Li Danhong X   Monochromatic X-Ray Imaging with Polycapillary and Doubly-Curved Crystal Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2006 Sadiq Muhammad X   Generalized Coherent States for Discrete And Continuous Dynamics and Their Applications Akira Inomata
2006 Sivers Nelson L. X   Improving Confocal Microscopy With Solid-State Semiconductor Excitation Sources Susanne Lee
2006 Zain Samya B. X   High Precision Measurements of the Mass, Intrinsic Width, Momentum Spectrum and the Branching Fractions of $Lambda_c(2880)+$ Decay Modes in the BaBar Experiment Saj Alam
2005 Barat Nirmalaya X   Primordial Magnetic Fields from the Variable Alpha Theories Akira Inomata
2004 Thaik Myo X   Generalized Coherent States and Quantum Information Akira Inomata
2004 Jeong Junho X   First-Principles Investigation of Electronic Structures and Properties of Impurities in Molecular Solids and Semiconductors: I. Muon and Muonium in Organic Ferromagnets II. Erbium in Silicon - Optoelectronic System T.P. Das
2004 Patel Zubin X   Growth and Characterization of High Dielectric Constant Material for Nanoscale Device Applications H. Bakhu
2004 Scheicher Ralph X   The Role of Impurities in Molecular Solids and Siological Materials. First Principles Study of: I. Helium in Solid Hydrogen as an Obstacle for Efficiency of Muon Catalyzed Fusion, and II. Muon and Muonium in Proteins and DNA as Probes for Electron Transport T.P. Das
2004 Tseng Chih-Yuan X   The Maximum Entropy Method in Statistical Physics: An Alternate Approach to the Theory of Simple Fluids Ariel Caticha
2003 Bian Zailong X   Integration and Compatibility Studies of SiLKTM Low-K Polymer Dielectrics with TA-Based Diffusion Barrier/Adhesion Promoter Films Alain Kaloyeros
2003 LaBrake Scott M. X   Glass Capillary X-Ray Waveguides Ariel Caticha
2003 Lane Sarah X   Copper Diffusion Barrier Performance of Tantalum Nitride Films Deposited by the Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique Alain Kaloyeros
2003 Mail Noor X   Monochromatic Beam Application in Medical Imaging and Materials Analysis Carolyn MacDonald
2003 Padiyar Sumant X   Integration of Amorphous Tantalum Silicon Nitride (TaSiN) Films as Diffusion Barriers in a Cu/SiLKTM Metallization Scheme Robert Geer
2003 Ren Xiaotang X   Ion Beam Study of Co-Doped Impurity Effects on Lattice Locations of Er in Si:Er Mengbing Huang
2002 Kumar Kaushik X   The triangular voltage sweep method as a performance metric for diffusion barrier evaluation in copper metallization Alain Kaloyeros
2002 Anjum Dalaver H. X   Low Temperature Thermal CVD TiSiN Diffusion Barrier Films for Copper Interconnect Applications Serge Oktyabrsky, Alain Kaloyeros
2002 Grunow Stephen   X   Electrochemical Deposition of Copper for Gigascale Interconnect Technologies Alain Kaloyeros
2002 Sugiro Francisca R. X   Monochromatic Imaging Using Collimating Polycapillary X-Ray Optics Carolyn MacDonald
2001 Athar Syed Basit X   Observation of Charmed Strange $\Omega^0_c$ Baryon in e+e- Collisions and First Observation of Charmed Strange Baryons $\theta^{+'}_c (c{s,u})$ and $\theta^{0'}_c (c{s,d})$ M. Sajjad Alam
2001 Barth Karl W. X   Chemical Vapor Deposition of Cerium and Copper-Doped Strontium Sulfide for Applications in Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices Alain Kaloyeros
2001 Cari   X   Polycapillary X-ray Optics for Medical Imaging Applications Carolyn MacDonald
2001 Huang Huapeng X   Low Power Protein and Powder Crystallography Using Polycapillary Optics Walter Gibson, Carolyn MacDonald
2001 Topol Anna W. X   Microstructure and Electroluminescent Performance of Chemical Vapor Deposited Zinc Sulfide Doped with Manganese Films for Integration in Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices Alain Kaloyeros
2001 Wickland Heidi L. X   Integration of Polytetrafluoroethylene Low-k Dielectric Material in a Chemical Vapor Deposited Aluminum Metallization Scheme Alain Kaloyeros
2000 Bedell Stephen W. X   Blistering and Layer Transfer of Hydrogen Implanted Crystals William Lanford
2000 Hofmann Frank A X   Polycapillary X-ray Optics for Macromolecular Crystallography Carolyn MacDonald
2000 Ivanova Ana R. X   The Mechanisms of Formation of Epitaxial Cobalt Silicide from Chemical Vapor Deposited Cobalt for Microelectronics Applications Alain Kaloyeros
2000 Lau Janice E. X   Structural and Compositional Investigations of Strontium Sulfide Based Phosphors for Thin Film Electroluminescent Display Applications Alain Kaloyeros
2000 Lovelace Brian X   Microbeam Elastic Recoil Detection of Hydrogen and Deuterium with Applications in Transition Metals Raymond Benenson
2000 Mirza Jawid M. X   Processing and Performance of Reactively Sputtered Titanium Silicone Nitride Liners in Copper Metallization Alain Kaloyeros
2000 Sutter Eric X   The Theory of Kossel Lines Ariel Caticha
2000 Talevi Robert X   Development of an Al/0.5 wt. % Cu all-CVD Process with Results of Integration with Benzocylobutene (BCB) for the 0.25 mm Generation and Beyond Alain Kaloyeros
2000 Wappler Frank Reiner X   Measurement of Inclusive Production of A+c and Ec Baryons in B Decays M. Sajjad Alam
2000 Zambianchi Jr. Pedro X   The Asymptotic Reciprocity Theorem in X-Ray Scattering Ariel Caticha
2000 Zhu Li X   An Analysis of Observation and GCM Simulations on Seasonal Cycle of Monsoon Climate in Southeast Asia and Tibet Plateau Wei-Chyung Wang
1999 Barcomb Jr. Francois Joseph X   Wave Guides for X-rays and Neutrons: A Scalar Model Ariel Caticha
1999 Doemling Marcus F. X   Investigation of Plasma Etching Processes in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor and Development of a Low Energy Ion Beam System Gottlieb Oehrlein
1999 Hernandez Joseph L. X   Process and Mechanistic Studies of the Patterning of Al and Cu Thin Films for Multi-Level Metallization Structures by Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Gottlieb Oehrlein
1999 Kastenmeier Bernd E. X   Remote Plasma Processing of Thin Film Materials Gottlieb Oehrlein
1999 Kelsey Jean E. X   Chemical Vapor Deposition of Amorphous Tungsten Nitride for Applications in Ultra-large Scale Interconnect Technologies Alain Kaloyeros
1999 Matsuo Peter J. X   Plasma-Based Cleaning and Stripping for Semiconductor Applications Gottlieb Oehrlein
1999 Pujari Minakhi X   First-Principles Investigation of Electronic Structure and Hyperfine Properties of Heme and Nitrosyl-Hemoglobin Systems T.P. Das
1999 Schaepkens Marc X   Inductively Coupled Fluorocarbon Plasma Processing Gottlieb Oehrlein
1999 Shekhtman Alexander X   Heteronuclear NMR and Biochemical Studies of Archaeoglobus fulgidus Endonuclease III-DNA Complex Dr. Baxter, Dr. Cunningham
1999 Standaert Theodorus E.F.M. X   Mechanistic Studies on Plasma-based Patterning of Advanced Dielectric Materials Gottlieb Oehrlein
1999 Wang Hui X   Analysis and Measurement of Polycapillary X-Ray Collimating Lenses for Medical Imaging Carolyn MacDonald, Walter Gibson
1998 Aliberti Keith M. X   The Theory of X-ray and Neutron Fabry-Perot Interferometers Ariel Caticha
1998 Goldberg Cindy K. X   Study of the Mechanisms of Silicidation from Inorganic Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposited Titanium Films Alain Kaloyeros
1998 Gopalakrishnan Gowri X   Theoretical Investigation of Hyperfine Fields in Fluoromethanes and Transition Metal Oxides T.P. Das
1998 Gubarev Mikhail V. X   Experimental Study of Polycapillary Optics for Hard X-ray Applications Walter Gibson
1998 Knorr Andreas H. X   Studies of Gas Phase Reactions, Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms of Plasma Promoted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum Using Demethylethylamine Alane as Source Precursor Alain Kaloyeros
1998 Lou Ishing X   In-site Study of Key Material and process Reliability Issues in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper Alain Kaloyeros
1998 Mahmood Akhtar H. X   Observation of Several New Charmed Strange Baryon States at CESR-CLEO II M. Sajjad Alam
1998 Pati Ranjit X   Theory of Electronic Structures and Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions in Molecular Solids and Semiconductor Surfaces T.P. Das
1998 Rueger Neal R. X   Studies of the Effects of Fluorocarbon Depostiion and Etching on Silicon and Silicon Dioxide Etching Processes Using CHF3 in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor and the Development of a Reactive Ion Beam System for the Study of Plasma-Surface Interaction Mechanisms Gottlieb Oehrlein
1998 Russell Christine H. X   Polycapillary X-Ray Optics for Hard X-Ray Astronomy Walter Gibson
1997 Braeckelmann Gregor X   Adhesion Reliability in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper for Ultra-Large Scale Integration Applications: Mechanisms and Solutions Alain Kaloyeros
1997 Faltermeier Cheryl X   The Inorganic Route to the Low Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition of TiN for Ultra Large Scale Integration Technologies: Process and Material Development and Characterization Alain Kaloyeros
1997 Faltermeier Johnathan X   Study of the Mechanisms and Development of Biased, Plasma-Promoted Chemical Vapor Deposition for Aluminum Interconnects Alain Kaloyeros
1997 Gao Ning X   Capillary Optics and Their Applications in X-ray Microanalysis Walter Gibson
1997 Joseph Everette X   Development and Application of an Interactive Cirrus Cloud Radiative Parameterization for Global Climate Models Wei-Chyung Wang
1997 Ling Zhichao X   Study of Inclusive B decays to Hyperons Using the CLEO-II Detector at CESR M. Sajjad Alam
1997 Owens Scott M. X   Development of Polycapillary X-ray Optics for Macromolecular Crystallography Walter Gibson
1997 Severini Horst X   Measurement of Inclusive B Decays to the Charmed Strange Baryons [I]0c and [I]+c M. Sajjad Alam
1997 Wang Lei X   Polycapillary Optics for Hard X-Rays Carolyn MacDonald, Walter Gibson
1996 Cummings Karen X   The Effects of Relative Humidity and Airborne Pollutants on the Reaction Between Water and Glass: Applications to Historic Stained Glass Windows Walter Gibson
1996 Klotzko Ira X   Investigation of Glass Polycapillaries for Use in Proximity X-ray Lithography Walter Gibson
1996 Lin Sihan X   Designing, Testing and Calibrating of a New Instrument to Measure Fluorescent Particles and Laboratory Preparation for Scaveging Experiments Walter Gibson
1996 Rao Sangeetha B. X   Thermal Denaturation of Tissues - Quantification Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Walter Gibson
1996 Rao Vibha X   Structure and Function of Endo-b-N-acetylglucosaminidase H Ariel Caticha
1996 Wang Wei X   Cu(Al, Mg, and Ta) Bilayer and Alloy Metallization for ULSI William Lanford
1995 D'Souza Mark X   Part I: Quantum Manifestations of Classical Chaos in the Kicked Harper Model, Part II: Coherent Backscattering of a Scalar Wave Off a Rough Surface John Kimball
1995 Eisenbraun Eric T. X   The Physical Mechanisms of Hydrogen Interactions in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper Alain Kaloyeros
1995 Kardiawarman   X   Multi-Fiber Polycapillary-Based X-ray Collimating Lens for X-ray Diffraction Walter Gibson
1995 Kuhn Peter X   Structure and Function of PNGase F Ariel Caticha
1995 Mason Devon B. X   Theory of the Reflection of X-rays by Multilayered Structures with Diffuse Interfaces Ariel Caticha
1995 Nunes Stacie Swingle X   First Principles Investigation of Electronic Structure and Associated Hyperfine Properties of Fluorine Nuclei in Molecular, Elemental Semiconductor and Graphite Systems  
1995 O'Neill John Joseph X   Observation of Exclusive B Meson Decays to Final States Containing Charmed Baryon M. Sajjad Alam
1995 Owusu Alfred X   Investigation of Hyperfine Properties of Alkali-like Atoms and Ions with First-Principle Incorporation of Relativistic and Many-Body Effects T.P. Das
1995 Rath Bimal K. X   Radiation Effects in Polycapillary X-Ray Optics Carolyn MacDonald
1995 Ullrich Johannes B. X   Studies of Monolithic Capillary Optics for Small Sample Crystallography Walter Gibson
1995 Yuan Xing X   Relativistic Many-Body Perturbation Theory Investigation of Properties of Atomic Systems with Single Valence Electron T.P. Das
1994 Abreu Carmen Celeste X   Investigation of Capillary X-ray Optics for Potential Use in Mammography Carolyn MacDonald
1994 Bittel David G. X   X-ray Reflection From Thin Films with Rough Surfaces: Application to Kumakhov Optics John Kimball
1994 Ding Pei-Jun X   Aspects of ULSI Metallization Copper Passivation and Interdiffusion on Al with Transition Metals William Lanford
1994 Homan Barrie E. X   Picosecond Time Resolved Phase Transitions in Silicon and Gold  
1994 Liu Yu X   Electron Tomography of Biological Objects: A Study of the Tilt Series Alignment and the POCS Restoration of the Degraded Image Joachim Frank
1994 Shao Ling X   Biophysical Studies of the Conformational and Functional States of the Mitochondrial Voltage-Dependent-Anion(Selective)-Channel Carmen Mannella
1994 Zheng Bo X   In-Situ Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy Studies of Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper for Computer Chip Metallization Alain Kaloyeros
1994 Zoeller Michael Manfred X   Inclusive Charmed Baryon A+c and Ec Production in B Meson Decays M. Sajjad Alam
1993 Barber Christopher J. X   An Investigation of the Gettering Properties of Silicon-Germanium and Silicon-Carbon Compounds James Corbett
1993 Doxtader Patricia D. X   Ionization Cross-Section and Kb/Ka Ratios for the First Transition Series Elements and Compounds Hassaram Bakhru
1993 Korpas Levente X   Theoretical Studies on Multiple Hydrogen Trapping at Shallow Dopants in Silicon James Corbett
1993 Liu Jun X   Studies on Hydrogen Aggregation Phenomena in Semiconductor Silicon James Corbett
1993 Schneider Scott Dudley X   Chaos in a Water Drop John Kimball
1993 Shepard Carlton L. X   Diffusion Studies of Metallizations for Contacts and Interconnects in Microelectronics - Platinum Silicide and Copper William Lanford
1992 Cai Jun-Ming X   New Path Integration Techniques and Their Applications Akira Inomata
1992 Chen Dong X   The Measurement of the Magnetic Moment of Sigma Plus Using Channeling in Bent Crystals C.R. Sun
1992 Chen Ling X   High Temperature Superconductivity in the Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxide System: Thin Film Growth, Grain Boundary Effects and Interlayer Coupling Mechanisms Alain Kaloyeros
1992 Davis John B. X   Helium Microbeam Mixing of Bilayers Raymond Benenson
1992 Feng Aiguo X   Growth and Characterization of High-TC Y1Ba2Cu3O7-X Superconducting Thin Films by Chemical Vapor Deposition Walter Gibson
1992 Hasebe Masami X   Oxygen Precipitation Behavior in C2-Si Wafers James Corbett
1992 Kayed Mohammad A. X   Photoionization and Photoemission by the Standing-Wave Intensity of Dynamical X-ray Diffraction Walter Gibson
1992 Lanni Thomas X   Developing a Diode Array Spectrometer for Tropospheric Chemistry Studies Kenneth Demerjian
1992 Liu Weiping X   3-D Variance of Weighted Back-Projection Reconstruction Joachim Frank
1992 Suparmi   X   Semi-Classical Quantization Rules in Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics Akira Inomata
1992 Tan Xiaoling X   Manganese in Animals and in Plants: Pyruvate Kinase, Photosystem II and their Model Compounds Studied by Magnetic Resonance Charles Scholes
1992 Wang Peining X   Charmed Baryon Ac and Ec Production at (square root) s = 10GeV and Their Decays C.R. Sun
1992 Yuan Jian-Zhong X   Study of Surface-Process-Induced Stress in Semiconductor Silicon James Corbett
1992 Zhang Nengyu X   A New Method of 3D Reconstruction and Restoration in Electron Microscopy: Least Squares Method Combined with Projection onto Convex Sets (LSPOCS) Joachim Frank
1991 Dougherty Randy X   Relativistic Many-Body Perturbation Theory of Hyperfine Interactions in Atomic Systems with a Single Valence Shell Electron T.P. Das
1991 Guo Xiaowei X   Electron Microscopic Studies of 2D Membrane Crystals of Mitochondrial Channel, VDAC Carmen Mannella
1991 Ortiz Carlos Rafael X   Hydrogen Defect Studies in Crystalline Silicone Using a Semiempirical Quantum Chemical Method James Corbett
1991 Panigrahy Surya Narayan X   The Relativistic Study of Hyperfine Interctions in Ionic Systems T.P. Das
1991 Romero Van D. X   Determination of the Strong Coupling Constant as at 10 GeV M. Sajjad Alam and C.R. Sun
1991 Zhang Ying X   Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Related Defects in Silicon James Corbett
1990 Guo Xin Sheng X   Studies of the Effects of Side Wals on VLSI Semiconductor Devices William Lanford
1990 Jones Phillip Lawrence X   An Investigation into the Etching Behavior of Silicon and Germanium in SF6-based, Dry Etching Plasmas James Corbett
1990 Li Wei-Chuan X   Measurement of B Meson Decay by Partial Reconstruction C.R. Sun, M. Sajjad Alam
1990 Liu Yajun X   Magnetic Resonance of Mitochondrial Quinone and of Cytochrome C Peroxidase Compound I and Its Site-Directed Mutants Charles Scholes
1990 Luo Li X   Investigation of B-doped Si(III) Surface Structure and Metal Silicide Interface Formation Walter Gibson
1990 Daniele Cherniak X   A Particle Accelerator Based Study of Major and Trace Element Diffusion in Minerals  
1989 Angell David X   Charge Collection Ion Microscopy Bruce Marsh
1989 Berning Paul Reid X   Particle Accelerator Based Studies of Electromigration and High TC Superconductors Raymond Benenson
1989 Carpio-Bernido M. Victoria X   Path Integral Approach to New Exactly Solvable Systems Without Spherical Symmetry Akira Inomata
1989 Diaz de la Rubia Tomas X   The Structure and Dynamics of Energetic Displacement Cascades in Cu and Ni. A Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulation Study R.S. Averback
1989 Lou Xinchou X   Baryon Production in B Meson Decay C.R. Sun, M. Sajjad Alam
1988 Fan Chaoliang X   EPR and Endor Studies of Bioenergetic Proteins Charles Scholes
1988 Fusina Robert A. X   Resonant Excitations of High Energy Nuclei and Production of Coherent Radiation in Aligned Crystal Targets John Kimball
1988 Huang Ke-gang X   Application of Synchrotron X-ray Standing Waves in Surface and Interface Studies Walter Gibson
1988 Mohabatra Shashadhar Medinissingh X   Application of Hartree-Fock Cluster Procedure for Study of Surface-Absorbed Atoms in Semiconductors and Muonium in Compounds T.P. Das
1987 Dell'Aquila Joseph R. X   Tests for Parity and Charge Conjugation-Parity Symmetries of Particles by Sequential Decay Modes Charles Nelson
1987 Hasbun Javier Ernesto X   Study of Local Environment Effects in Alloys Laura Roth
1987 Horn Kevin Michael X   Application of the p(15N,at) 12C Nuclear Reacion to the Study of the Bond Energy and Direction of Bound Hydrogen William Lanford
1987 Roy Jitendra Nath X   Ab Initio Investigation of Electronic Structures and Associated Magnetic and Hyperfine Properties of Hemoglobin Derivatives T.P. Das
1987 Tanikella Viswanath X   Charmed Meson Production in Electron-Positron Annihilation Around 10.5 GeV C.R. Sun, M. Sajjad Alam
1987 Thundat Thomas G. X   Structural Investigations of Chemically and Electrochemically Deposited Metals on Silicon and Germanium Surfaces Walter Gibson
1986 Borenstein Jeffrey Theodore X   Studies of Thermal Donors and Oter Defects in Silicon James Corbett
1986 Fesseha Solomon X   K Shell Ionization Cross Sections for Z=22 to Z=29 by Simultaneous Measurement of RBS and PIXE Using a 2 MeV Helium Microbeam Hassaram Bakhru
1986 Hao You Gong X   Silicon and Germanium (III) Surface Reconstruction Laura Roth
1986 Sganga Anthony Gerard X   Study of Hydrogen Diffusion in Crystalline Silicon James Corbett
1986 Wang Paul Weily X   Studies of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Iron Defects in Silicon James Corbett
1985 Dev Bhupendra N. X   Structural Studies of Chemisorption on Silicon Surfaces Walter Gibson
1985 Jin Han-sheng X   The Applications of Channeling (Conventional and Transmission) in Surface and Interface Studies Walter Gibson
1985 Pak Haeyong X   Structural Ordering in Two Dimensions and Models of Ionic Transport: Application to Superionic Conductors John Kimball
1985 Wijayawardana Ranjith Laxman X   Application of a Crystal Septum to Replace a Magnet in a Charged Particle Beam and Study of Dechanneling and Feeding-In Effects in a Single Silicon Crystal C.R. Sun
1984 Gossmann Hans-Joachim L. X   Investigation of Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces by High Energy Ion Channeling: GaAs (110) and the SiGe System Walter Gibson
1984 Pisharody Mohanan X   Radiation from Multi-GeV Positrons Channelled in Diamond C.R. Sun
1983 Leiberich Andreas X   Hydrogen Concentration Depth Profiles and Superconductivity in the Palladium Copper Hydride System W. Scholz
1983 Prah Joseph Henry X   Solar Cell Fabrication Studies Pertinent to Developing Countries James Corbett
1983 Vozzo Frank R. X   Preferential Sputtering and Redistribution in Ion-Implanted Binary Metallic Alloys: Comparisons Between Linear and Non-Linear Cascade Effects G. William Reynolds
1983 Wong Ronald X   Pion Interference Correlations in Pion-Nucleus Collisions at 10.5 GeV/c C.R. Sun
1982 Bedzyk Michael J. X   X-ray Standing Wave Analysis for Bromine Chemisorbed on Silicon Walter Gibson
1982 Ho Roger Chung Chor X   Path Integral Analysis of the Hydrogen Atom Akira Inomata
1982 Bernido Christopher Casenas X   Geometric Gauge Unification of the Four Fundamental Interactions of Elementary Particles Akira Inomata
1982 Sahu Satya Narayan X   Defects Studies in Semiconductors James Corbett
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