CWGCS Board of Directors

The Center for Women in Government & Civil Society (CWGCS) names a new Board of Directors for 2016 - 2019. The Directors are drawn from both the public and private sectors, from agencies and advocacy groups, labor and management, elected and appointed officials, former Fellows on Women & Public Policy and academia.

CWGCS unveiled a new bold research and education agenda for 2016-2019, and is looking forward to working with the Board in advancing its agenda.  The Board of Directors serves as ambassadors, advocates, champions, and advisors to CWGCS on gender-related gaps and needs.  They facilitate CWGCS's partnerships and alliances with networks and agencies that share CWGCS's goals and seek to advance its vision.  "Our Board of Directors is the central planning group for CWGCS. They are the mastermind behind CWGCS's work, and the engine that continues to drive us toward our vision" says Executive Director, Dina Refki.   Anne Saile, who assumed leadership of the Board of Directors, adds "The Center for Women in Government and Civil Society plays a key role in working to provide the platform for women to take their place as leaders worldwide. It is a great privilege for me to be President and lead this exceptional organization into a brilliant future."

CWGCS seeks to deepen and broaden political access and economic opportunities for women by strengthening the capacity of government, nonprofit and business sectors to implement gender-responsive, inclusive and equitable policies, practices and services

Click here for a full list of the Board of Directors.

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