Women in Science and Health (WISH)

WISH is an organization of women faculty at University at Abany, SUNY that fosters scientific networking and provides skill-building opportunities for students, postdocs, and faculty in the STEM fields to promote gender equality and work-life balance.

WISH was established in 2014 by Elga Wulfert, Professor of Psychology and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Marlene Belfort, Professor of Biology and Scientific Director of the interdisciplinary Life Sciences Initiative.

Recent News

Sophia Cahillane

Dr. Kristen Corbosiero featured on the Sanctuary for Independent Media

Sophia Cahillane comes back with the next piece for the Women in STEM radio bucket, where she interviews Kristen Corbosiero about her work in the Atmospheric and Environmental Science field. Listen here

From left: Marissa Louis, Graduate Student winner (Biological Sciences); Laura Munn, Undergraduate Student Honorable Mention (Biological Sciences); and, Sharon Shaughnessy, Undergraduate Student winner (Biological Sciences).

First annual Women in Science and Health awards held May 16, 2019

The winners of the first annual Women in Science and Health (WISH) awards were recognized in an awards ceremony on May 16, 2019 for their ability to balance Excellence in Science and Life. Winners are shown together with WISH co-founder and Steering Committee member, Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, Marlene Belfort (second from the left).

From left: Marissa Louis, Graduate Student winner (Biological Sciences); Laura Munn, Undergraduate Student Honorable Mention (Biological Sciences); and, Sharon Shaughnessy, Undergraduate Student winner (Biological Sciences). Not present: Alvine Kamaha, Postdoctoral Fellow winner (Physics).

The essay contest was open to students and trainees in STEM fields at all career levels and all genders. Winners were determined on the basis of their essays describing how they balance their studies and careers in science with their lives and achieve excellence in both.

How Women Rise book cover

Thanks to everyone who attended Julia Horme's presentation at the April WISH meeting on "Leaky Pipelines and Concrete Ceilings: The Status of Women in the Academy."

One point Julia made in her presentation is that women's behaviors can limit their own progress. Spend some time this summer thinking about how to beak the habits that hold you back! Read the book, How Women Rise: Break the 12 habits holiding you back from your next raise, promotion or job by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Godsmith. We will have a discussion of the book during a WISH meeting in the fall.

See this on YouTube: How Women Rise: Overview

Cara Ocobock with Alan Alda

Kick start your summer with the WISH Science Communication Workshop: Learn the basics on how to hone your message and engage others with your science!

Cara Ocobock, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and co-host of “Sausage of Science” podcast for the Human Biology Association, will discuss strategies for communicating science to the general public in an interactive format. Please join us for an enjoyable session that can positively impact your research, teaching, and service activities!

This last Women in Science and Health (WISH) meeting of the spring semester will be held Thurs. May 16 1:30-3:30 pm in LSRB 1143 (note that this is a change from the original schedule). The 2019 WISH awards will also be announced!

Dr. Marlene Belfort

Dr. Marlene Belfort Granted Honorary Doctorate

Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences Marlene Belfort will be granted an honorary doctorate of science from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Belfort, an internationally acclaimed molecular geneticist, will accept the degree in December 2019.

Dr. Julia Hormes

Julia Hormes, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
University at Albany, State University of New York

Julia is the guest speaker at the next WISH meeting which will be held Thurs. April 25 at 12-1:30 pm in LSRB 1143 (note that this is a change to the original schedule released last fall).

The title of her talk will be: "Leaky Pipelines and Concrete Ceilings? The Status of Women in the Academy." Also on the agenda: Discussion of WISH mentoring groups – what is working and what is not working, and WISH Awards. This is a meeting for WISH faculty and university staff members. Lunch will be served.

UAlbany News Podcast: How Zebras Can Help Us Understand Anthrax Transmission

On This Episode, Wendy Turner of Biological Sciences Shares Her Work in Studying African Wildlife

Wendy Turner is an assistant professor of biological sciences in the University at Albany’s College of Arts and Sciences. On this episode of the UAlbany News Podcast, Turner shares her work in analyzing anthrax transmission among African wildlife. Turner was awarded a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation for this project. Read More

Wendy Turner

Albany professor wins $2.5M to study how anthrax spreads among African wildlife

The snowy white salt flats of Namibia's Etosha National Park are so huge, they can be seen from outer space and the nearby savannas are covered with golden grass, ideal camouflage for tawny lions who live there alongside elephants, ostriches and zebras. Etosha and Kruger National Park in South Africa will soon be the classroom and lab for University at Albany assistant biological sciences professor Wendy Turner thanks to a $2.5 million National Science Foundation grant she won this month. Read More