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Please submit a separate request for each semester or term including Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter.

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Any out-of-state veteran or dependent eligible for GI Bill benefits will receive the In-State tuition rate. Once the Office of Veteran & Military Student Services receives your Certificate of Eligibility, they will process this change when required.

Please note: E-Mail is an official means of communication at the University and messages from the campus will be sent to your University at Albany student email address.

Statement of Understanding

Please read the information below and check beside each to acknowledge receipt and understanding:

Alumni Fee Disclaimer: This is an optional fee automatically billed to you in the Fall and Spring semesters if you are taking 6 or more credits at the university. Your GI Bill benefit will not cover this charge and you will be responsible for paying this fee to the university out of pocket. You may opt out of this fee by visiting the Student Alumni Partnership Opt-Out link no later than the mid-point of the semester, however if you fail to opt out by the deadline the fee must be paid.

Residency Disclaimer: All veterans and some qualifying veteran dependents may be eligible for In-State tuition rates. Please be sure to visit the New York State Residency Requirements link for more detailed information and submit the necessary documentation in order for adjustments to charges to be made.

Course Disclaimer: In order to certify your GI Bill benefits, all of your courses must count towards your program of study. If for some reason a course does not count it will not be certified for benefits. This means that you could be registered full time but if one class doesn’t count you will only be certified 3/4 time and the payment of your benefits to both you and the university (if applicable) will reflect this. It is your responsibility to ensure that your courses count towards your graduation requirements and you are not taking any excess electives or courses which do not apply to your program. If a course should apply to your program but is not reflected accurately on your degree audit (can be accessed from your MyUAlbany) then notify your advisor so they can make the necessary adjustments in order for the course to be reflect accurately on your audit

Please note: Actual course dates are reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs, which means enrolling in 8-week or mini session courses can affect your rate of pursuit (full-time versus part-time). If you withdraw from any courses, it must be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Course withdrawals that change your status from full- time to part-time will affect your payment rates. If you adjust your registration or withdraw from the University, it is your responsibility to notify the Veterans Certifying Official in the Student Financial Center immediately. Failure to notify us promptly will result in overpayment and subsequent debt to the Department of Veterans Affairs or the University.

By signing this form electronically, I understand my responsibilities as a recipient of Veteran's benefit and authorize the University at Albany to release my academic information to the Department of Veterans Affairs.