E-Pay Error Codes

Common E-Pay Error Codes

Code Number


Failed Login

If you are using version 8 of Internet Explorer, you must first depress the compatibility icon on the upper-left toolbar to enable E-Pay.

1778: Authorization Declined

Very often if a student/authorized user is using a debit card with a Visa/MasterCard logo, their bank may have a daily dollar amount limit. So if the charge they are paying is $3,000, and the limit on the card is $1,500, the student/parent will get a 1778 code. It can also mean they are over the credit limit, etc. The student/authorized user should call their bank/credit card provider.

1772: Verbal Authorization Required

Students/authorized users who see this code need to call the bank that issues their credit card and advise them of the type and amount of the transaction.

1725: Card Expired

Your credit card may be expired.

Pick up card and contact issuer

There has been an error with your card and you should contact your credit card provider.

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