UAlbany Internal Control Practices and Procedures

Subject: University at Albany Internal Controls

To: All UAlbany Faculty and Staff

February 23, 2024 

Dear Colleagues:

Each year I feel compelled to send a message to the campus to remind all employees of the importance of appropriate internal controls at UAlbany and within our affiliated entities.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to consider internal control best practices. 

Internal controls are measures that ensure that UAlbany’s business and administrative practices meet our high standards of efficiency and ethics. The below list includes some of the most common and most effective measures that you can implement, whether working on campus or remotely:

  • Maintain division of tasks (separation of duties) between several employees especially in the processing of financial transactions.
  • Abide by existing access controls, such as passwords and authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to University systems and buildings.
  • Apply the same precautions to prevent accidental disclosure of University data, especially protected data, whether you are working in the office or from another location.
  • Ensure appropriate employee training in your unit via on-the-job training as well as Skillsoft training.
  • Take inventory regularly of cash or other valuable assets managed by your office.

If you think a more thorough refresher might be beneficial, please know that the Internal Controls Training is available to you at any point in time online. In addition, you should also be aware of the UAlbany Principles of Professionalism, Ethics and Compliance

Finally, it is important to report any suspected breaches of internal control procedures, thefts or misuse of information or assets to the University Internal Control Hotline at 518-437-4738 or [email protected]. All calls and emails are maintained as anonymous.

Should you have questions about the University’s internal control program, or wish consult on a specific matter, please contact Anette Lippold at [email protected], in the Office of Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance.

Thank you again for joining us in supporting internal controls at our institution.


Todd Foreman
Vice President, Finance & Administration