Original Diplomas & Certificates 

UAlbany students need to apply for graduation. If you will complete all degree or certificate requirements by the end of this semester, you must submit a degree application before the deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar

Diplomas and certificates are printed after the official degree conferral date and after the Registrar's Office and the Graduate School have completed their final reviews.

Diplomas and certificates are only sent to students who have resolved all associated/financial holds with the University. Check your student account for holds.

Diplomas and certificates are mailed to the permanent address you have on record with UAlbany at the time of your graduation, unless you’ve designated a degree address where you’d like your diploma mailed. You may review/update your permanent and degree addresses online

The vendor printing your diploma or certificate will notify you via your UAlbany email address when the document has been mailed. If you don’t receive it within 30 days of that notification, or if the document was damaged in transit, please email [email protected]

Updating Legal Names and Chosen Names on Diplomas & Certificates

Students may elect to have their chosen first and middle name printed on their diploma or certificate by adding a degree name. Please review and add/update your degree name online as you would like it to be printed on your diploma/certificate.

To update your last name or change your Primary name with the institution, you must complete and submit a Personal Identification Change Form. Learn more about updating your personal information

All students should be aware of the following information:

Although UAlbany considers the diploma to be a ceremonial document, some countries may require your diploma (in conjunction with your official transcript) for various legal, immigration and employment purposes.

Using your chosen first name as the degree name on your diploma may result in unforeseen complications due to the discrepancy between your diploma and other documents (such as your transcript, passport, birth certificate, etc.) that contain your legal name.

To avoid such complications, we recommend printing your legal name on your diploma if you plan to live, study or work outside of the United States now or anytime in the future.

Students who plan to obtain licensure and/or attend professional school (such as medical, nursing, social work or law school) should be aware of the following information:

Before opting to use your chosen first name as the degree name on your UAlbany diploma, please take into consideration that professional licensing requirements often require you to use your legal name. For example, application and licensure and federal employment/guidelines require the use of the legal name.

Therefore, the decision to print your chosen first name on a diploma may result in the rejection, delay, scrutiny and/or requirements for additional proof of identification associated with any applications for employment, licensure, credentialing, visa applications and/or other processes that require verification of your identity.

Information Included on Diplomas & Certificates


The University at Albany diploma lists the degree earned (Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, Bachelor of Arts, etc.) and not the individual major or program. This is the case for students in all Doctorate, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs. The University follows the SUNY diploma format and the recommendations of our professional organization, AACRAO (American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers) as it relates to the production of diplomas. The degree and major or program completed will always be displayed on the official transcript along with all coursework completed, and other milestones related to the program.

The diploma will also list any applicable Latin Honors. Graduate Students are not eligible to earn Latin Honors.



The University at Albany certificate lists the Certificate type earned and the individual program. Certificate students are not eligible to earn Latin Honors.

Replacement Diplomas & Certificates 

Replacement, or duplicate, diplomas and certificates can be ordered online. 

These documents display your original date of graduation and the signatures of the officials at the time. Note: If you graduated before December 31, 2003, your replacement diploma or certificate will display the signatures of the officials as of December 31, 2003. 

Before ordering a diploma or certificate, please check the personal information you have on file with UAlbany to ensure it is correct. 

All students who attended UAlbany during or after the Fall 2001 semester have access to MyUAlbany. (Contact ITS if you’ve forgotten your username and/or password.) You can use the student portal to verify the information we have on record, add a degree name and update your mailing address. 

If you want your chosen first and middle name to be printed on your diploma or certificate, please update your degree name before ordering.

Order an eDiploma or eCertificate

An eDiploma or eCertificate is a signed and certified PDF of your diploma or certificate. It can be used to verify that you earned your degree or certificate. 

There is a one-time $15 fee for a UAlbany eDiploma or eCertificate. You’ll receive the PDF within minutes of ordering and can then share the document as needed.  

UAlbany’s official diploma vendor is the Michael Sutter Company. Use their portal to order your eDiploma or eCertificate, to search the status of an order, or to report an issue. 

Order a physical diploma or certificate

Replacement or additional copies of your physical diploma or certificate are available. 

Physical UAlbany diplomas or certificates cost $30 per copy. You can choose between Standard and Express Overnight Delivery, which are in addition to the $30 fee. 

Your documents will be printed and mailed two to three business days after the order is authorized and completed. 

UAlbany’s official diploma vendor is the Michael Sutter Company. Use their portal to order a physical diploma or certificate, to search the status of an order, or to report an issue. 

Order a notarized diploma or certificate

A notarized diploma or certificate is usually requested for government processing or other forms of legal documentation.  

Order your notarized diploma online, using the instructions above ("Order a physical diploma or certificate"). There is an additional $10 fee for each notarized diploma. 

Notarized diplomas and certificates are printed and mailed within seven business days after the order is authorized and completed.

Note: Only official diplomas and certificates will be notarized.

Get an Apostille diploma or certificate

An Apostille diploma or certificate is a document authenticated for foreign use. This process involves three steps: 

  1. Order an official, notarized UAlbany diploma or certificate by following the instructions above ("Order a notarized diploma or certificate"). Note: Only official, notarized UAlbany diplomas and certificates will be apostilled.
  2. Get the document(s) authenticated by the Albany County Clerk. The Registrar’s Office notary is licensed in Albany County, so documents notarized by our office must be authenticated by the Albany County Clerk.  
  3. Get the document(s) apostilled by the New York State Department of State. This seal is the last one required.