Final Exam Schedules

Final Exam Schedules

Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule

Planning for Final Exams – Fall 2020

The following guidance is being provided to assist in planning for final exams in your courses.

In many courses, final examinations are an integral part of the learning and evaluative process. Some courses, by virtue of the structure, material, or style of presentation, do not require a final examination. The following policy in no way requires an instructor to administer a final examination.

Scheduling your final exams for Fall 2020:

  • Final Exams will take place remotely in two 72-hour time blocks during the final exam period. Please see the revised final exam schedule. If you choose to offer a final exam, you must adhere to the final exam schedule.
  • Fully remote asynchronous and off-campus classes should plan to make exams available during one of the 72-hour time blocks listed on the final exam schedule.
  • To impose a time limit, make your exam available for 72 hours but require students to complete the exam within a specific time frame (e.g., 2 hours) once they begin.
  • There will be no departmental final exams.
  • 8-Week-1 final exams must be given on the last day of 8-Week-1 classes.

Assessing student learning online:

  • Requiring some final assessment and evaluation of student learning is important, but exams aren’t the only option for this. Depending on your class size, you might choose to have students complete an alternative assessment to demonstrate their learning in your course. Faculty are encouraged to seek support from ITLAL early in the semester about design of final assessments.
  • If you do choose to give online exams, please be advised that some students may treat these assessments as open book. The most effective test questions will require students to do higher-order thinking that demonstrates their ability to apply the learning they have done in your course. Faculty are encouraged to seek support from ITLAL and ITS early in the semester to help design and implement effective final assessments.

Attending to academic integrity: