During the Program Adjustment Period many students choose to make adjustments to their original schedule. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for detailed registration deadlines.


Consult the Academic Calendar for deadlines to add via MyUAlbany.  If a particular class is closed or restricted during normal add dates, the student must obtain a permission number from the instructor of the course.  After the normal add period, students will need a permission number to add ANY courses.

NOTE: This policy intentionally gives the individual instructor or the department, school or program offering the course authority to refuse to admit additional students to the given section as of the seventh class day, even if class space remains in that section. After the last day to add with a Permission Number, each add is considered late (see below - Late Adding a Course).


Subject to the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Education or Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, as appropriate. After the last day to add with a Permission Number (as stated in the academic calendar), the consent of the instructor, AND confirmation by the instructor that the student has been attending the course since before the last day to add, must be obtained before the course can be added at Registrar's Office, Campus Center B52. A $20.00 late fee will be charged and added to the invoice for late adding a course. The instructor's authorization and confirmation of attendance must be provided on departmental letterhead, and presented to the Registrar's Office in order for the course(s) to be added to the student's schedule. After the last day to add, the Registrar's Office will process approved schedule adjustments during normal business hours.


Consult the Academic Calendar for deadlines to drop and withdraw from courses via MyUAlbany.  Courses dropped within the period noted on the academic calendar will not appear on the student's academic record.  Courses withdrawn from within the period noted on the academic calendar will remain on the student's schedule and academic record with an indicator of "W" (withdrawn without academic penalty).  A student still enrolled in a class after the last day to withdraw is expected to complete the course.  The grade recorded for the course will be the grade earned by the student on all work submitted.  A student who registers for a course but never attends or ceases attendance before the last day to add, as reported by the instructor, yet does not officially drop the course will have an indicator of "Z" listed in the grade column on his/her record.

The deadlines to drop a course(s) are a reflection of the University's program adjustment policy only. Eligibility for, and amounts of, tuition refunds and adjustments are determined by a separate schedule. Refer to Student Financial Services web site (www.albany.edu/studentaccounts) for further information.