UAlbany Guardian

A personal safety app available to all University community members.

As a part of the University at Albany’s ongoing commitment to campus safety, the University Police at Albany are announcing the launch of Rave Guardian, a free mobile app that turns most smart phones into a personal safety device.  By downloading this app, students, faculty, and staff can enhance their personal safety both on and off campus.


How It Works

UAlbany's Rave Guardian allows you to quickly provide information about yourself to the University Police Department during an emergency. If you chose to allow it, the app can also provide UPD with your location, which can help first responders get to you faster. Please know that location information is only shared when you choose to make an emergency call or activate a safety timer.


The RAVE Guardian App Allows You To

  • Communicate Easily with UPD: by calling us directly for help if you need help.
  • Set a Safety Timer: Think of this as a virtual escort, notifying people you trust to check on you when you are traveling by setting a timer indicating how long you expect to be traveling. If, for some reason, you don't end the timer, your selected contact will be alerted that you have missed your check-in time.
  • Chat with UPD: If you have safety questions, want to report something suspicious, or report a crime in progress, you can now do so via chat and include images.
  • Easily connect with select non-UPD resources: Such as Residential Life Offices, Student Health Services, and more.


How-To Set Up RAVE Guardian App

  1. Download the app directly using the following links from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, or search RAVE Guardian and download to your mobile device.
  2. Verify your phone number and UAlbany Email address.
  3. Turn on Location Sharing if you wish: This will allow you to share your location with first responders in case of an emergency.
  4. Enter Emergency Contacts in My Account.


Download the App Today

Please download the app directly through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, or search RAVE Guardian and download to your mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the RAVE Guardian App?

  • All University at Albany students, faculty, and staff can sign up. You must use your UAlbany email address.

Is RAVE Guardian always tracking me? Can University Police track me whenever they want?

  • No. Your location will only be available to University Police if you ask for help. Location information is only enabled by the app when you choose to make an emergency call or if you activate a safety timer.

Will RAVE Guardian let other people track me?

  • Only if you choose to, using the safety timer. You select a trusted individual, or "guardian" to receive an invitation via text with a link to the RAVE Guardian website showing your gps location. Once a user has closed the timer, the gps location is turned off.

Will RAVE Guardian work off-campus?

  • Yes, the app works on or off campus. If you are on campus, tap the "On-Campus Police" button to be connected with UPD. If you are off campus, tap the "Off-Campus 911" to be connected to your nearest police agency.

Is RAVE Guardian replacing the blue light phones on campus?

  • No. RAVE Guardian is the latest enhancement to safety at the University at Albany. The blue light phones will continue to be available as another direct link to University Police services.