The Parking program is a system of controlled and designated lots designed to provide parking that will give faculty and staff access to classrooms and offices, students the ability to commute, and visitors the ability to participate in University activities. To this end, the University at Albany has developed parking regulations which are designed to meet these requirements as well as the special needs of individual community members. These rules are set by the President of the University and in consultation with the University Council and/or the SUNY Board of Trustees, when appropriate. Compliance with these regulations is encouraged by fair and consistent enforcement.

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Parking Online Service Center:


Check your MyUAlbany account at least once a week . Tickets have to be appealed within 14 days of issuance, so if you look at your account every week you should be able to appeal your tickets in time (if the vehicle is registered with the Parking Office).

Late Charges

Late charges are accrued on the 30th day from the date of issuance of citation. As of August 16th, 2011, any citations issued after this date and are appealed within 14 days, a late fee will be added on the 30th day after issuance of the ticket or 14 days after the denial of an appeal, whichever is longer. If the appeal process takes more than 30 days a late charge will be added 14 days after a denied decision is made. Citations can be paid while in appeal to remove a hold on your record; if the appeal is accepted the payment will be refunded. Paying a citation has no effect on the appeal outcome.

Inform family and friends about Parking Rules. You are responsible for tickets issued to family members. A hold will be placed on your academic records until the tickets are paid.

Register Your Vehicle Online

You can register your vehicle and pay your citations online. You can go to your myUAlbany account