University at Albany


PISCES was founded in 2012 with dual missions of advancing knowledge on issues that intersect the realms of economics and security and helping to craft better policies in those areas.

The Project was founded by Dr. Bryan R. Early and a team of policy professionals with expertise in areas of nonproliferation, border security, strategic trade control, and international and regulatory law. Together, the PISCES team has over fifty years of combined policy and research experience. The PISCES team has expertise in the following areas:

  • The legal-regulatory design of strategic trade control systems
  • The implementation and enforcement of strategic trade control systems
  • Industry outreach and strategic trade controls
  • Economic Sanctions Design, Implementation, and Enforcement
  • Evaluating Diversion Risks Related to Economic Sanctions and Strategic Trade Controls
  • Conducting comprehensive training workshops for government personnel on strategic trade controls and economic sanctions
  • Developing educational materials for strategic trade controls, including creating EXBS’s ICP Guidelines Website and “Train the Trainer” curriculum

PISCES team members have conducted trainings on behalf of and consulted with dozens of governments throughout the world in the areas of nonproliferation, strategic trade controls, and economic sanctions. The PISCES Team has a truly global perspective in working on strategic trade and sanctions issues through working extensively with the U.S. Department of State’s EXBS Program.

Map of Past and Present PISCES Outreach Activities

Areas in red denote countries that PISCES team members have worked with on outreach projects.