Institutional Review Board Forms & Guidance

IRB Procedures Manual

The policies and procedures set forth in this manual (link) adhere to the ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of research participants summarized in the Belmont Report, and comply with applicable federal regulations and state laws related to human subjects protections. Both the membership of the IRB and any prospective researchers who intend to use human subjects in their research projects are reminded that this document establishes the basic minimum of policies and procedures and does not include every possibility for the variation in research protocols involving human subjects.

Does my research require IRB review?

If your project does not meet the regulatory definition of human subjects research, IRB submission and approval is not required.

See Definition Human Subjects Research and Decision Tree.

If you are unsure, may submit a Human Subjects Research Screening Form for assessment of your project.

IRB Request Forms and Guidance Documents

Forms, templates and guidance documents are available to the UAlbany community from the human research protections SharePoint site (link).


Complete instructions (link) for making submissions to the IRB. Please read carefully; requests that do not follow instructions will be returned without review.

Please note: The forms for submitting new studies have recently been streamlined as of January 3, 2023. The forms for requests for reviews of new studies have been separated based on whether data collection will occur under the protocol or if only existing data will be utilized for the study. Determinations of the appropriate level of IRB review (i.e. "Exempt", "Expedited" or review by the full board) will be made based on the information submitted. Prior versions of the forms will continue to be accepted until February 1, 2023. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the forms.