ITS Leadership

Brian Heaton
Brian Heaton
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services Units
Academic, Administrative and Research Services (AARS)

Christine Bess, Director

AARS oversees the applications and solutions that support the academic, research and business needs of the University. By working closely with campus partners, AARS delivers efficient, effective solutions that meet customer needs and align with the University mission and Strategic Plan.

Application and Infrastructure Services (AIS)

Nancy Beck, Director

AIS is responsible for the planning, implementation and management of the University's technology infrastructure including the data center, network, storage, servers and databases. AIS also manages and maintains the University's application portfolio and its respective operations.

Central Business Office (CBO)

Sandy Cowin, Central Business Office Manager

The CBO is responsible for the administrative and financial management processes that support the organization, including the ITS budget. This includes streamlining processes, assuring consistency across the organization, and continuous improvements to administrative management.

Client Support Services (CSS)

Debora Cheney, Director

CSS is responsible for the planning, implementation and management of a wide range of communication, collaboration, and teaching technologies. This includes IT equipment in technology-enhanced and public user spaces, all types of endpoint devices and software distribution. Additionally, CSS oversees ITS Service Desk operations and ensures timely responses to service requests and inquiries.

Communications Management

Lisa Trubitt, Assistant CIO for Strategic Communications

Communications Management oversees the development and implementation of strategies that build awareness and articulate the value of technology services to the University community. This includes creating a consistent voice for the organization, along with the protocols, standards and tools to support communication goals and strategies.

Information Security Services

Jim Bole, Chief Information Security Officer

Information Security oversees the development, implementation and operation of a comprehensive, enterprise-wide security strategy and program for the University. This includes efforts for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of institutional data.

Project Management Office

Mary Baumes, Project Portfolio Manager

The Project Management Office is responsible for providing the methodology to identify, prioritize and implement projects in the ITS portfolio and assuring their alignment with organizational goals and the University Strategic Plan. This includes all aspects of the project lifecycle, along with the development and promulgation of standards, tools and procedures.

Service Portfolio Management

Mike Sweeney, Service Portfolio Manager

Service Portfolio Management is responsible for delivering an effective service-based approach to all aspects of ITS work management. This includes fostering an understanding of the interdependencies across the organization, clarifying organizational processes and protocols, and assuring a culture of collaboration for the delivery of all IT services.