What happens when a complaint is made?

The University Police Department (UPD) works to create a peaceful and safe environment for our entire community and welcomes input about its officers' performance, whether it comes in the form of suggestions, compliments or complaints.

Any complaints about UPD officers — including, but not limited to, employee misconduct or breach of duty — will be thoroughly investigated by UPD. The police department is also responsible for determining whether the complaint is meritorious and deciding its appropriate disposition.

Read more about how UPD collects and handles complaints. You can also view UPD's full list of reporting options for various situations.


Where should complaints be sent?

Complaints should be made directly to the University Police Department using their feedback form.

The Independent Review Committee (IRC) cannot receive complaints against UPD officers. If a complaint is filed with the IRC, it is returned to the person who submitted or, with their permission, forwarded tp UPD.

The IRC cannot investigate, hear or decide the merits on complaints, nor does it have the authority to discipline UPD offers.


What is the IRC's role?

Once UPD had completed its review of a complaint, the IRC reviews the department's investigation to assess the investigation's thoroughness and whether the department's decision (called the disposition of the complaint) appears to be consistent with UPD policies and procedures.

Following the IRC's review, the committee may:

  • Agree with the University Police Department’s disposition of the complaint

  • Identify an issue that was not raised in the original complaint but was raised in the report record and ask that the issue be labeled "supplemental" and be investigated by UPD

  • Disagree with the disposition of an allegation within a complaint and suggest an alternate disposition

  • Suggest that UPD review its procedures and amend them to address a particular issue or concern

  • Request that UPD create or implement procedures related to recurring problems highlighted by the complaint

The Chief of Police or the Vice President for Finance and Administration can also refer an incident to the IRC that didn't result in a formal complain but that has raised concerns within the campus community.

In these cases, the committee will review UPD's investigation of the incident and assess whether the department followed its policies and procedures during both the incident and the internal investigation.

The IRC is authorized to review UPD policy and may suggest changes to the Chief of Police for consideration.