Finals Week Tips

Graduate Ambassador Xavier posing in front of the University at Albany's library.
by Graduate Ambassador and Anthropology PhD student, Xavier McClean

Welcome to Finals Week! Here are some tips to stay ahead and finish strong through this final push!

  1. Time Management
  • Pace yourself for essay writing. Be mindful of your due dates but work through it in a concise manner! Splitting work into chunks with scheduled breaks turns a mountain of work into a breeze.
  1. Study Sessions and Study Guides
  • For the big tests, try to go to your instructor’s office hours. With most assignments out of the way, there is time to dedicate to the big things you need to review or address!
  • Construct study guides to keep yourself refreshed before the exam!
  1. Sleep
  • There is a lot of work to be done during finals week, but none of it can be done without proper rest! Get some nice tea and try to sleep early before your exam.
  1. Time And Place
  • Try to secure areas that are free of distractions to maintain a consistent workflow. Places like the quiet areas of the library are a popular place to study.
  1. Study Groups
  • Working with a study group reinforces effective study habits, your cohort would also appreciate the extra boost!
  • Collaborate on securing spaces to study for your exams and work on your papers. The best spots get taken quickly, so it’s best to stay informed.

Best of luck with your finals!