Student Success

At UAlbany, students find more than classroom learning. They gain a broad view of the world. Find out how you can support learning inside and out of the classroom.

Students hold flyers for study abroad programs in Latin America and China

Experiential Learning Jump-Starts Students’ Career Success

Students learn more when they are engaged in their education through internships, study abroad, faculty-mentored research, and service learning. These experiences allow students to discover more about themselves and develop skills that give them a head start on their careers.

Sometimes finances are all that stand between students and these experiences: the cost of a plane ticket to study abroad, or a research stipend that would replace part-time job wages.

Student takes notes at archaeological dig

Maximizing Student Potential Through the Student Experience

UAlbany is committed to strengthening all of the experiences students have outside the classroom to enrich the learning that happens inside it. Through clubs and activities, students learn to foster teamwork, resolve conflicts, and manage a budget. Career programs enhance invaluable soft skills, from interviewing to workplace etiquette to appropriate use of technology. Health and wellness programs give students insight into the ways nutrition, sleep, and exercise influence both their quality of life and their productivity.

World of biology students

Living-Learning Communities Help Students Thrive in College

Research shows that successful students make connections on campus. Those who develop relationships with faculty and pursued shared interests with other students are more likely to graduate in four years and earn higher GPAs.

UAlbany’s Living-Learning Communities (L-LCs) help new students do all of this. L-LCs house students together around shared interests, link first-year classes, and develop strong communities that help students thrive.

Additional Areas of Support