Student Opportunity and Excellence

We are committed to helping our hardworking students realize their potential and to preparing them for success in a world that is increasingly complex

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Keeping Excellence Affordable Through Scholarships

We aim to make a UAlbany education accessible to promising students, regardless of their financial circumstances. By allowing UAlbany to attract talented students from every imaginable cultural and economic background, scholarships benefit not only recipients but also the entire student body. Learning in such a community sharpens students’ abilities to succeed in an increasingly global connected society.

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Honors College Raises the Bar for All Students

The Honors College is a community made up of some of UAlbany’s brightest and most serious students. The College’s growing reputation for educational excellence holds promise to attract more of the nation’s highest-achieving students. As a result, UAlbany can become more selective in admissions, provide an enhanced educational experience to all students, and gain national attention as a launching pad for truly accomplished, creative alumni.

Your support will help to provide scholarships to draw exceptional students; fund activities such as research, travel to conferences, and lectures; and support faculty in their role as theses advisers.

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Fellowships Prepare Tomorrow’s Groundbreaking Thinkers

As a premier public research university, UAlbany advances knowledge for the betterment of society. This happens through the research graduate students pursue in the university’s doctoral programs, many of which are ranked among the nation’s top 50. Top graduate students follow graduate fellowships: the more a university has, the better graduate students it attracts.

Additional fellowships will strengthen our research mission, increase the faculty’s scholarly output, and propel the next generation of leading thinkers who will tackle some of today’s most pressing issues.

Additional Areas of Support